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News Archives for September 2019
Thursday September 5, 2019
Version beta/update-77 and 77a in Sunrise Crater

Update 77 and 77a have arrived, and with it comes drivable cars! You can now upgrade the three existing decorative cars to be drivable, showing up when you enter a lot. You can now also upgrade sofas and the toy rocket, why not give it a try? You'll be sure to have an explosively fun time.
As always the patch notes are listed below

Update 77:
- Upgrades for sofas have been added, and one for the toy rocket. It's..... fun.
- Support "fallback" fonts for characters missing from the main font. First is thai - in future they will be read out of a folder a user can add to.
- Greatly optimised performance for cars driving on and off the property.
- Fixed motive gain on sofas from sofas1.iff.
- Fixed a bug where resyncing while in a dialog would clear your dialog state and freeze your character. It would also desync the timeout from the server, causing a chain reaction desync to occur 30 seconds later.
- Fixed a bug where resyncing while an asynchronous inventory or budget operation was in progress would cause responses to be ignored, causing a desync.
- New inventory primitive modes for "token-like" objects, which cannot be traded or placed. Used for drivable cars, but will be extended in future for event purposes (and showing count/contents on the inventory screen).
- Car portals can now be placed on water.
- Purchasable vehicles are currently forced on in the server but future server config will allow you to specify which new controller objects to import.
- Fix issue with volcanic thumbnails not updating.
- Fix issue where exporting mesh with volcanic would not export the one for the selected multitile part.
- Fix various issues with upgrades and trading.
- Allow upgrades on custom objects.
- Fixed an issue where re-saving an FSOM to iff would break its bounding box. (existing broken bounding boxes are still wrong)

Known Issues:
- Sofa upgrades do not work due to the upgrade tuning reading from the wrong source
- Lot crashes may occur after someone joins with a vehicle, and certain actions are performed.

Update 77a:
- Fixed the above issues. Certain actions were entering buy mode (client crash, without resyncing after car joined), changing roomies, and placing objects was also affected.
- Doubled grace period for single money object payouts from 60 seconds to 120. (time that only the sim responsible can get the payout in)
- Fixed validation for return to inventory on community lots, and added UI validation for pressing the I key (thanks @Collin !)
Posted by: S1ndle