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The supernatural. Bizarre revival rituals. Acres of tombstones. While these may sound rather disturbing, during your lifetime, you will most likely encounter these strange, but actually amusing situations.

Throughout the game, death can either be avoided completely and easily, or it can be experienced in the blink of an eye. Whatever your preference, death is not permanent, and does not harm your Sim in any way. It is just an extra aspect of the game to provide amusement and aid in roleplaying, and if the idea of being a ghost, spooking others, and getting revived just doesn't tickle your fancy, it is not a game feature you are forced to experience.

Terminal Methods

There are currently four different ways in which a Sim can become a ghost, all of them with their pros and cons, believe it or not. Electrocution, drowning, starvation, robot explosions, and fire (in Betaville only) are all methods of turning into a ghost, so whether you wish to become translucent right away, or wait for it to happen as a result of negligence and hours of waiting, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Death by Electrocution

The first, and probably easiest way for your Sim to bite the dust is through electrocution. A Sim can only get electrocuted if you make them do so, by manually telling them to repair a broken electrical appliance. All is not lost for repairing those busted stereos and lights, however! The higher your Mechanical skill, the less likely it is that you will be electrocuted when repairing. In addition, it helps to be relatively green when repairing things, to further minimize the risk of dying. So on the plus side, you can choose whether or not you want your Sim to be electrocuted, and if you do, it is fast, for easy demonstration purposes. Sadly, however, finding an electrical appliance in need of repair may not always be easy, and if your Sim is mechanically superior, it may be rather tough to actually succeed in making your Sim buy the farm.

Death by Drowning

Another method of becoming a ghost is through drowning. Drowning can be either accidental or intentional, depending upon the circumstances. Simply enough, if a Sim falls asleep while in swimming in a pool, they will drown! So if you are wishing to dodge the Grim Reaper, make it a point to completely green your energy before taking a dip. The time it takes a Sim to drown is variable, depending on how much energy you have while swimming. If the motive bar is completely red, chances are, you have a few seconds to a minute. If it's completely green, it could very well take a real life hour or more to kick off. So if you want to decide how fast you wish to become a ghost, drowning may be right up your alley. However, you may not always have a pool near at hand, or your energy could be quite full. Either way, drowning can be a unique way to have a contest, or just result after you return from an extended AFK.

Death by Starvation

Starvation is a very sad way to die in EA-Land. Not so much because it is cruel and tragic to see, though some might say that, but because it takes forever to happen, so it generally isn't experienced very often, or even at all. This form of becoming a ghost is fairly self-explanatory. If your hunger drops too low, then well, you die! However, starving is a much more difficult feat than it sounds. It takes a good five or six real life hours to become a ghost, even if your hunger isn't completely full. Once you hit the lower boundaries of the motive bar, hunger decay happens extremely slowly, and even once all the green has long since been gone, it still takes a while for the Sim to actually starve to death. Typically, starvation, when it does occur, is probably accidental, if a Sim manages to stay AFK for that long, or just not pay attention somehow. Otherwise, you have to have a lot of patience and a strong mindset to do your Sim in by starving. The upshot is that the animaion of starving is somewhat amusing, and it isn't often seen. The downside, obviously, is that it take a very long time to do. Sims can also starve via the crafting tables, if their hunger is too low before beginning. It could be said that crafting is a way of dying as well, but technically, it is because of starvation.

Death by Explosion

A rather bizarre way of becoming a ghost is through being caught near an exploding robot at the Robot Factory. You need to actually be a Robot Factory worker in order to experience this sort of fatality, so if you really want to try it, use a computer or find a job in the newspaper, and head to work when the time comes. Really, being caught near an explosion is pretty simple. If robots back up on the track or if you stand on the conveyor belt in front of a robot, you have a good chance of blowing up if you fail to move. You don't necessarily have to stand inside the explosion or in front if it. Any of the adjacent tiles next to the sparking, sizzling robot are targets for unsuspecting Sims. If you wish to avoid being blown up, either make your way to the diagonal tiles around the explosion, as they are safe, or just run completely away. Dying at work doesn't penalize you, but you do not get paid for the robots you have made, or the round at all. MOMI sends a letter of sincere condolences to you, and you are ejected from the factory. Death by rogue robots can be very amusing to watch, and it is not very hard to do. The downside is you don't get paid for the work you've done, if any, and if you are wanting to be promoted, repetitive dying isn't a way to get off to a strong start.

Being a Ghost

Once you have successfully become a ghost, there are a few nifty things you can do, and probably more obviously, many things you cannot do.

Headless Haunt

As a ghost, you get some new interactions on both yourself, and on other Sims. When you click yourself, you get an 'Examine Cause of Death' option, which provides an amusing animation, as well as a 'Headless Haunt' option, which, too, is there for amusement. If those weren't enough, you even get some amusing interactions with living Sims, such as 'Spook' and 'Possess.' These do no harm to living Sims, or even dead ones, and are just there to provide entertainment, since ghosts don't get to do a whole lot otherwise.

If you happen to meet another ghost, you will be able to interact with it just as you would if you were two living Sims. You will have all your interactions available. Living Sims and deceased Sims cannot interact normally, however, and the only interactions you get are found in the transactions menu, in case you need to do secure trades, give money, or kick people out, living or dead.

During your time as a ghost, your Sims will not be able to interact with nearly every single object, and using buy mode at your own property will only bring up your inventory. Additionally, all of your motives will decay to a tuned amount, except for room score, and will neither raise, nor lower, unless you are interacting with another ghost Sim. This can either be bad, if some of your skills are unlocked, as being red increases decay, or it can prove to be handy, as you don't need to green as a ghost, and don't complain of the redness.

Getting Revitalized

After a while, you may choose to come back to the land of the living, and even here, there are a couple of different methods of doing so. Both have the same result, bringing your Sim back to life, but they vary in the amount of time it takes, so really, it is a matter of how much patience you have.


The first method, which is far less used than the one which will be explained below, is to wait for 24 EA-Land Hours to pass after your death. This takes approximately two real hours, so if you have some time to kill, or you want to roam around as a ghost that long, this is a very handy option. You will be prompted after the time elapses, and you will get to choose whether or not you wish to come back to life or not. By selecting no, you will have to wait another 24 EA-Land Hours for another prompt, or choose another method of revival. By clicking yes, however, your Sim will stagger around a little bit, and come right back to life.

The other method of being revived involves searching out another Sim known as a Shaman. Shamans are Sims with eight or more skill points in both charisma and cooking. More often than not, you will be able to find a Shaman online if you search for a house specializing in revitalizing in the Services category, or at cooking or charisma Skill properties. Check around, and you are bound to find one sooner or later. Generally, one will be willing to bring you back to life.

Being a Shaman

It is not too terribly hard or difficult to become a Shaman. Really, the only requirements you need to meet are to have a minimum of eight cooking and charisma points each, so it involves no special training except ordinary skilling. When you encounter a ghost Sim, you will notice that the only difference is that you will now have a 'Revitalize' option when clicking on them. You can use this option to bring any deceased Sim back to life, but be sure to be green and have plenty of room beforehand, or else it may not work. It is best to be fairly green when reviving, but nothing fancy is required, just as long as you aren't red. Space, on the other hand, can be a rather annoying foe when reviving a ghost Sim. It seems, though, that if you are not within a room, only a four by four tile area is the minimum amount of space needed, if you are both centered on the diagonal. Inside of walls, it requires eight tiles by eight tiles worth of space to revive, when centered on the diagonal. For the most part, you won't need to worry about the area of the space you are reviving in, just as long as it's in a relatively open space. Commonly, Shamans revive others in the street that every lot has, as it has ample room, in case there is no other open space to revive.

Revitalize in Pie Menu

The revival process takes only a minute or so, and involves the Shaman doing an amusing dance around the ghost Sim. A status bar, much like the bar which appears when repairing broken objects, will appear over the ghost, showing how much of the revival is complete. Once it is finished, the ghost Sim will spring back to life, and all motives, with the exception of room score, will spring back up to half green.

Tombstones & Urns

To top off dying, you get a merit badge of sorts every time you do so. If you drown, starve, or get electrocuted, you leave an urn/tombstone near your site of death. Dying at the Robot Factory doesn't leave any sort of grave, as MOMI doesn't want to clutter up the workplace. Anywhere else, however, you will leave an urn, if you die indoors, and one of three different sized tombstones, if you die outside. They are Build Mode objects, so they have no owner, and cannot be sold for a profit. If you die at your own home, they can be moved around as you wish. At another Sims property, however, it is up to them what they wish to do with them. Tombstones and urns do count toward property limit, so keep that in mind of making a collection.

Tombstones in a Graveyard

Finally, tombstones and urns do have a 'Mourn' option on them. The only real purpose of this interaction is to provide amusement, but it does drain your social motive while you mourn.