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With crafting, Sims can build special objects that cannot be purchased by any other means. Sims can create objects through the use of the Thumbhammer Workbench object which is available out of the catalog in the Skill & Job Objects category. The retail cost of the Workbench is quite pricey, so we suggest you try and purchase them from a lot in the shopping category where they usually go for 50% off the retail price. Now before you go out and buy a Workbench for your lot, be aware that they can only be used in lots that are in the services category.

Crafting a Pet Painting

To be able to start crafting items, certain component objects must be present in your inventory, and your Sim must meet certain skill requirements to have any chance at successfully crafting an object. It is also recommended that you have a high level of green needs before you begin crafting. These component objects and skill requirements will be explained in the paragraphs to come.


Crafting objects requires a varying amount of these three types of components: Box of Wood, Bolt of Cloth, and Box of Spare Parts. Component objects appear in the game as single-tile objects that can be placed on surfaces such as tables, or on the ground.

Box of Wood, Bolt of Cloth, and Box of Spare Parts

Box of Wood: This is the basic component required in just about every object to some varying degree.

Bolt of Cloth: This is the basic component needed for items that give high comfort, such as sofas and beds.

Box of Spare Parts: This is the basic component most needed for machinery or electronics objects such as televisions and appliances.


Now you may be asking... "How do I obtain these components?" Well, these components can be obtained by salvaging existing objects around your property. Salvaging will completely destroy an object and turn it into a pile of garbage, so be careful in your selection of objects to salvage, you don't want to be turning Mom's favorite sofa into a pile of trash, do you?

Salvaging a Dresser

To salvage an object, click on the object you have chosen to salvage and you will see a "Salvage" option appear. If you do not see this option, the object is probably not owned by you, or does not have the ability to produce salvageable parts. After selecting that option you will be shown a confirmation dialogue asking you if you are sure you want to proceed, and that component objects may or may not be obtained. If you click yes, your Sim will produce a mallet and smash away until nothing but a pile of garbage is left. After this process your Sim may receive some components in their inventory, and a pile of trash left behind. If your Sims inventory is full, you will not be able to proceed with salvaging.

Receiving Components

Depending on the cost, wear, and age of an object involved, and the Sims Logic, Mechanical, and Creativity skills, Sims will recover a varying amount of components.

Tables and chairs generally produce wood, decorative and seating items will produce cloth, and appliances and electronics will produce parts. The exact amount of components obtained is based on the age and cost of the item, the Sims skills and mood. It's best to go by this one rule: The older and more expensive the item, the better.

Crafting Objects

To craft an object, the Sim clicks on the Workbench and chooses what type of item to build from the pie menu that appears. You will be warned that this will cost Simoleons, possibly a number of components, and can be pretty exhausting. If you confirm to this warning, the crafting process will begin. Components and Simoleons are removed after the attempt has been made. Objects that are successfully crafted will carry the builders name on it for the objects entire lifespan. In the buy mode information panel, crafted objects display "Crafted by:", so even if the object is no longer owned by you, its origin is known. To answer the question of weather the name will stay with the object if you delete or recreate your Sim, the answer is yes.

Craft Table Pie Menu

If the object creation was successful, a dialog will appear and the object will be placed in that Sims inventory. If it was not, a failure dialog appears with suggested possible causes for failure.

Requirements Chart

You can now filter the requirements chart to show only the objects you are able to craft.

Object Crafted Cost Skills Required Wood Cloth Parts
 Granita Wood Counter §5,000 Cooking 10
Mechanical 10
 Surf the Waves Counter §5,000 Body 10
Mechanical 10
 Pet Shop Counter §5,000 Charisma 12
Mechanical 12
 Pet Painting §10,000 Cooking 10
Creativity 10
 Forgotten Trellis §10,000 Body 10
Charisma 10
 Cafe Sign §10,000 Cooking 12
Creativity 14
2   1
 Lit Candle Sign §10,000 Charisma 12
Creativity 14
2   1
 Coffee Table §12,000 Body 10
Cooking 10
 Antique Sled §12,000 Creativity 10
Mechanical 10
 Food Mart Sign §12,000 Body 10
Creativity 10
 Paw Print Sign §12,000 Creativity 10
Logic 10
 Gothic Stereo §14,000 Charisma 10
Mechanical 10
 Custom Computer §16,000 Logic 10
Mechanical 10
 Hand-Carved Double Bed §18,000 Charisma 10
Creativity 10
 Double Recliner §20,000 Body 10
Logic 10
 Sprinkler §24,000 Body 12
Logic 12
 Trellis Flowers §24,000 Charisma 12
Cooking 12
 Picnic Table §24,000 Charisma 16
Cooking 18
5   1
 Bouncy Ball Chair §28,000 Body 14
Creativity 14
 Pest Motel §28,000 Cooking 14
Mechanical 14
3   2
 Swiss Clock Post §28,000 Creativity 14
Mechanical 16
2   4
 Water Sprayer §32,000 Logic 16
Mechanical 16
1   4
 Foot Massager §32,000 Body 16
Creativity 16
1 3 2
 Everfull Pet Feeder §36,000 Cooking 18
Logic 18
3 1 3
 Carnivorous Vines §36,000 Creativity 18
Mechanical 18
5 2  
 Irrigation System §40,000 Charisma 20
Logic 20
3 1 4
 Wall Mounted Television §40,000 Body 20
Mechanical 20
2 1 5
 RenuYu Clothing Rack §40,000 Body 18
Creativity 20
4 3 1

Enter your skill levels below and click Filter to display the objects you are able to craft. If you wish to view all the objects again, click Show All.

0 Cooking:
0 Logic:
0 Creativity:

Crafting Tips

Here are a few useful tips to help you with crafting:
  • Make sure your hunger, hygiene, and energy bar is fully green. This will help you successfully produce an object.
  • Even if you do not meet the skill requirements, or component requirements you are still able to make an attempt at crafting an object. Though, your chances are very low.
  • The more your Sim exceeds the skill requirements for crafting a particular object, the more likely you are going to be successful at producing an object.
  • Keep in mind these objects are somewhat rare, and can be sold for more than their retail price in most cases.