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News Archives for October 2019
Friday October 25, 2019
Version Beta/Update 78, 78a, 78b, 78c, and 78d in Sunrise Crater + New Blog Post
WOW! That is a lot of updates! But with this latest round of updates comes two huge things; Improvements to 2D mode, and this year's Halloween Event. Get comfy because this is going to be a long one, and be sure to read the new post on the official blog, because it talks about the Halloween Event a little bit.

Update 78:
Hello, it's almost time for an update. But! Since more pressing matters will dominate the announcement, I'll go over the core engine changes now.

Some big changes are coming to both 3D and 2D mode. These may introduce a lot of bugs (reports welcome), but they clean things up a LOT and will be better for the game in the long run:

The first is that you can now switch to 2D mode at any time in 3D mode, by pressing F12 or changing a setting in the graphics options. When you're in 3D Mode, the 2D camera gains smooth rotations, middle mouse rotation and instant switch to first person camera using generated and remeshed 3D models. As a result, 3D Mode should probably be thought of more as "3D Features Enabled" mode.

The second is that the core rendering process of both modes has changed completely to make them work side by side like this. For you, the game should look the same, but 2D mode should stutter much less than before. Now that the core is out of the way, we can focus on optimising individual elements:

- Wall geometry (walls cutaway performance increase)
- Floors (build mode, pool improvements)
- Lighting (less stuttering)
- Grass shader (higher framerate on intel GPU)
- Asset loading/unloading (would like to move off garbage collected system - less stuttering)

This will be the focus of the next few updates, alongside a bug round.

As for other features...
- Volcanic's BHAV editor has had a facelift! Comments, Layouts and Labels are now supported & saved, and will be present on all objects added to the game by us. We may even annotate existing objects!
- Sims can now "look at" objects and other sims, if interactions call for it. This is most notable in Simitone, though eventually FreeSO will use this functionality to make sims look at each other when using the ingame chat!
- Rotation in 2D mode is now performed around the ground at the center of the screen, rather than around the "base height". This means rotating on upper floors will be less disorienting.
- Fixed various issues with clicking objects and sims in 2D mode.
- Fixed an issue where 2D + lowest lighting + opengl would make all floors a solid color.
- So many more that I forgot them all!!!

Update 78b:
- Fix issue doing like anything with objects in db
- Fix booting on osx (run `mono update.exe` if you're in trouble)
- Add "force update" by holding shift and pressing F10 at login
- Enable culling for objects in 3D/Hybrid 2D (huge performance increase when zoomed in)
- Allow clicking thru floor levels similar to newer updates of old lotview
- Fix crash when changing surrounding lot settings
- Draw "headlines" after other elements
- Fix server crash when creating new or job lot.

Update 78c
- flipped direction for 2d rotate (middle mouse)
- fixed object shadows not drawing if complex shaders were enabled (regression)
- fixed crash when changing game resolution in 3D with max anti aliasing
- fixed job lots not starting (for real this time)
- fixed... an npc failing to break multitile objects correctly
- fixed visitors being able to bribe said npc and ruin the fun

Update 78d
- Zombie now does not attempt to break objects for sale
- Longer "kicking" period til the object breaks, giving you more time to act.
- When the zombie spawns, the sound will be played globally, all sims will shout bubble the zombie and they will look in its general direction.
- The zombie is now worth 12 candies
- Fixed visuals on the tally digits in 3D
- Fixed sunbathing towel being disabled on most lot types.
Posted by: S1ndle