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The Campfire Object

The KampRite Instant Campfire is a fire pit around which up to eight Sims can sit and interact. It can be traded like an ordinary object, unlike some other rare objects, and it does wear over time. However, the wear on the object should not affect its performance. The campfire also possesses some pretty impressive motive tuning with Hunger and Comfort being +50 and Fun being +120. Take a look at the campfire in the objects catalog for the full description.

Campfire in Inventory

Receiving the Campfire

In FreeSO, campfires were awarded to Sims who participated in the 2022 Halloween Event by joining team Trick or team Treat and donating candy to the team total.

In the Sims Online, campfires were awarded once your account is three years old. This is not to be confused with your Sim age! Your Sim could be brand new and have a campfire, or your Sim could be ancient and not have one. It all depends on the age of your account. After three years, a campfire will be awarded to all of your Sims, no matter what their ages are. The campfire will automatically appear in your inventory after the daily maintenance is complete.

Campfire Interactions

The campfire is primarily a social object, but it does provide boosts in hunger, comfort, and fun. The option to light the campfire appears on the object when there is no fire already burning in the fire pit; simply enough, choosing this causes your Sim to light a fire. Once one is already burning, the option to sit next to the fire will appear, allowing you further interactions.

Campfire Pie Menu

If you happen to be the only person sitting at a campfire, you will only have the option to roast marshmallows when clicking it. If more people are seated around the campfire, however, you will have the options of roasting marshmallows, telling a story, and singing. If a Sim is already in the middle of telling a story, you will only be able to roast marshmallows until he or she finishes. Also, if a Sim is in the middle of playing guitar and singing, you will be able to roast marshmallows or join in on the singing. Finally, you can interact with other Sims in the same way you would when sitting in a chair. The motives boosts that result from these will not fill you up completely, but they are quite handy if you are red. Simply sitting around the campfire raises comfort, roasting marshmallows raises hunger and fun, and both singing and telling stories raise fun and social.

Tell Story, Roast Marshmallows, Sing

Interaction Results

There are a couple interesting things that can happen by interacting with the campfire. One of these is the flame increasing in size, and the other is the appearance of the Campfire Ghost.

Stages of Flame

To make the campfire grow in size, simply interact with other Sims around the campfire. By doing this, the flame can grow back to its original size, and even slightly larger. This makes it very easy to rekindle the flame without having to physically relight it.

Ahhhhh! The Campfire Ghost!

Additionally, by telling a good campfire story, there is a very good chance of the Campfire Ghost making an appearance. When the ghost shows up, it tends to spook anyone who is listening, causing them to flee, or even to wet themselves. The Campfire Ghost only shows up when it is dark out, including dawn and dusk; this means that it will only show up after 7:00 PM and before 7:00 AM Sim Time. While it is not a guarantee that a ghost will show up when telling a good campfire story, the odds of it appearing are quite good. You can tell which story is a good one by the animation the story teller makes; if the story begins with a hand motion that resembles walking feet, a ghost will not appear at the end. However, if the story begins with a slow movement with hands pressed together, it is a good story. Remember, the ghost may not always appear at the end of a good story, even if the timeframe is correct, but the chances of it showing up are very good.

Campfire Songs

Sims can pull out a guitar and join in singing three rousing campfire songs. Brush up on your Simlish campfire songs with these handy lyrics!

Bomb Lap ga Doh Hogey
Verse One:
Bomb lap ga doh hogey
Sha boom ad dif woah

Verse Two:
Guy josh guy gorp meep mo
Blen so meh me zoe

Verse Three:
Gink flee flgh la lee la
Dor kor bingy dew

Verse Four:
Jam bam be Q T toh
X plexy ski pooh
Dee mee Numin
Verse One:
Dee mee numin
Ron be mau mau
Geng gee dohz
(repeat verse)

Verse Two:
Dee mee sly kin
Shy gite gorf-sess
Geng gee dohz
(repeat verse)
Gypo Wode jee Lofa Nars
Verse One:
Gypo wode jee lofa nars
lamen voo nah
(repeat verse)

Verse Two:
Maflika yopped-da himla crails
Lameh voo yah
(repeat verse)