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Now that you've bought your property, it's time to decide on a category. Keep in mind that you may already own objects that can't be used in the new category, you will lose any visitor hours you have acquired thus far and you can't change to another category for 7 days.

Available Categories

Here is a breakdown of all the available property categories and the special objects that can only be used in them:

Category Motives Special Objects Comments

Easy All Group Job Objects If helping out new players is what you enjoy doing then opt for the welcome category.

New accounts (not Sims) under a week old will learn skills at double the regular speed and earn twice as much money from job objects. Visitors over a week old are unable to skill and earn money from job objects. Roommates can still earn skill points and earn money from solo job objects. The visitor bonus for this category is doubled.

Hard All Job Objects TIP: Specialize in one or two objects i.e. gnomes, people tend to look for a place where more people are making money with a certain skill.

Hard All Skill Objects TIP: Specialize in only one or two skills, that way you don't have two working on this, three on that and one on another.


Overfill: 50% Hunger, Energy, Hygeine & Bladder
You are able to green up your Sim faster here than any other category, and provide a place for players who want to use a crafting bench.

Skill gameplay is disabled in this category.


Overfill: 100% Fun & Social
Everyone loves a party and this is the perfect category for it. You get the use of the DJ Booth and the dance floor. Build the best dance club in your city, just don't forget our invite to opening night.

Skill gameplay is disabled in this category.


Overfill: 100% Social
The category of amour. The motives are easy here so your Sim will stay greener longer, which gives you more time to spend cuddling or doing 'other' things with that special someone. One word of advice, a romance lot tends to attract some odd people.

Relationship gain/loss is twice as fast. The visitor bonus category is doubled. Skill gameplay is disabled in this category.

With this category you have the ability to buy items from the catalog at a discount (up to 62% off) the more you buy the lower price you will pay. You can also set these items for sale so that others may buy them from you. This can be quite a lucrative category if you take advantage of the discounts and treat your customers fair.

Create your own Vegas or Atlantic City here. Be creative with other games, jackpots and themed nights.

Easy None Sadly you don't get anything with this category. Though there are some very interesting homes and people that live here.

The visitor bonus for this category is trippled.

Home Sweet Home. This is for people who just want a home and nothing more.

Unknown None When you buy your property this is the default setting. You don't get to use any of the special objects nor will you appear on any of the top 100 lists or map filters.

How to Switch Categories

Changing your property category is pretty straight forward and simple. First you will need to make sure that your property is empty or closed for at least one minute. If you are on your property, now is the time for you and your roommates to exit. If you still have visitors after you and your roommates have left, they will be ejected from the property in a few moments.

Property Unoccupied

Next click on where the no category symbol is in your Property Page, the circle with a line through it (or if you are switching from another category, the old category). A menu listing the different categories will pop up. You can click on each one and read a bit more about it. Be sure to take note of the different tuning and benefits of each property category before making a final selection.

Property Categories Menu

Upon clicking a property category icon, a confirmation window will pop up. Once you are sure that the category you have selected is the one you want (remember you cannot change again for 7 days!) click yes. If you aren't sure, then alternatively click no.

Confirm Property Category Change

Congratulations, you have now changed your property's category. All tuning and benefit changes will take effect immediately. Remember, if a property category does not work out for you, you can change it again after a week.

Property Category

Skill Gameplay Mode

Property owners can change how skill and money gameplay is handeled on properties in the service, entertainment and romance categories. This feature gives owners the option to offer a more casual gameplay experience on their lot by disabling all skill decay, gain and money making. Skill gameplay can be disabled for everyone or visitors only allowing the owner and roommates to skill and earn money on their own lot.

Skill Gameplay Disabled on Property Page

To change the skill gameplay mode on your lot, open up the property page and click on "Skill Gameplay Enabled" or "Skill Gameplay Disabled" under the list of roommates. This will bring up a dialog that will let you enable skill/money gameplay, disable skill gameplay for visitors or disable skill gameplay for everyone.

Change Skill Gameplay Options