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Attention: This feature was part of the original game and is NOT available in FreeSO.

What is it?

The Mystic Tree is just what its name implies. It is a tree. And it is mystic. When you first obtain one, it is in a Mystery Box, much like the cannon. You can tell the difference between a cannon box and a tree box by the wear on them. Trees will always have 50% wear on them, and cannons will usually have 0%. Once you remove it from your inventory, you will have the option to add water, and once you do, the tree will appear. It can return to your inventory at any time, but cannot be traded with other players using secure trading. To give a tree to another player, you must live in a store category lot and set it for sale. The Mystic Tree has options to water it and view it, the latter providing both fun and comfort. In addition, after enough care, it will provide the option to eat its fruit, after which it will return to its first, dormant state.

Mystic Tree with Fruit

When do I get it?

Mystic trees are awarded once your account is two years old. This is not to be confused with your Sims age! Your Sim could be brand new and have a tree, or your Sim could be ancient and not have one. It all depends on the age of your account. After two years, a tree will be awarded to all of your Sims, no matter what their ages are.

How do I get it to grow?

Really, the best way to get your tree to grow and flourish is to water it whenever it needs it (about every EA-Land day, or two real life hours). There are three ways your tree can stay watered. The first being to water it manually by having your Sim click on the tree and select "Water". The second is to hire a gardener to water your tree every three days, though you may need to water it manually in-between visits. The third and most efficient way is to purchase a water sprinkler or sprayer and use it in combination with the irrigation control to water your tree on a set schedule. In the end, there is no alternative to good ol' personal care.

What does it give me in return for care?

If you tend to your tree well, you will be rewarded with a nice harvest of fruit. This fruit goes through three stages. First, it will bear new fruit, which are green in color. Eating these will give all of your motives a bit of a boost. Next, these ripen into mature fruit, which, like the new fruit, give a boost in motives, this one being a larger boost. Finally, however, they become ripe fruit, which increase a random skill by one full skill point. So as you can see, taking care of this tree can really pay off. Each stage takes a varying amount of time, with the later stages lasting the longest.

The bottom line, really, is that if you take care of the Mystic Tree, it will reward you in return. Have fun with it, and be proud of sticking with the game long enough to enjoy the rewards of the Mystic Tree.

Eating Fruit

What does each stage look like?

And here you go, images of each of the stages of growth of the tree. First, the tree is dormant. Soon afterwards, it will bloom. Finally, the fruit stages go from new to mature, and finally to ripe. The whole cycle takes about 22 real life hours.

Dormant (2:15) Bloom (4:30)
New Fruit (6:15) Mature Fruit (9:15)
Ripe Fruit