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News Archives for October 2022
Tuesday October 4, 2022
Catch-Up Time Part 1! Updates 78e-79!

Wow it's been a long three years hasn't it? How have you all been? Have you been staying safe and healthy?

Well there's no time quite like the present, so let's do a little catch-up with the updates that were missed! Changelogs as always are taken from the FreeSO Discord News Channel and listed below.

Update 78e (October 30, 2019)
- Fix sprites exploding on opengl, at the cost of performance (loading textures invalidates index buffer state)
- Add person type that behaves more like an object in the UI
- Fix lines appearing in non-square remesh texture mipmaps.
- Add "ensure core objects" routine to lot server initialization. Spawns missing objects like the trash can and mailbox.
- Skill meters and other headlines now appear properly in 2D.

- Pumpkin Carving can now give you candy. Successful, intact pumpkins can be interacted with to get a candy reward.
- Lit pumpkins are now much less likely to start fires. Cannot be placed in silly locations.
- Using the crypt can now give you candy, if you make it out alive. 5 for going alone, 3 for going with friends (though less risky)
- Fixed various issues with the crypt.
- Added the 'Educational' Skeleton 'Replica'. Check your inventory soon!
- Cauldron can no longer have food stuck in it.
- Minor changes to Madge and the Well
- Various other improvements

This update also added the [skeleton].

Update 78f (October 31, 2019)
- Fix sky in FPCam
- Fix ground wobbling in 3D cameras
- Fix logic for ensuring required objects are present. (made surrounding lots flatten and the phone booth dupe)

Update 78g (November 2, 2019)
- Repairing broken lights no longer forces them to the off state.
- Fixed parallax effect on roof tiles.
- Fixed crash bug when surrounding lots were missing important objects (car portal, trashcan)
- Fixed crash bug when joining or resyncing to a lot when a decor skeleton is... having friendly interactions with someone
- Fixed camera jumping to the last location you did a 2d->3d switch when resyncing
- Fixed lot thumbnail rendering in 3d (it was drawing the terrain opaque rather than semitransparent)

Update 78h (November 5, 2019)
- Pools now render with a 3D model instead of a flat floor texture in all modes. These also support inner corners, so they finally look correct again.
- Thanks to S1ndle for providing the pool mesh and texture!
- Fixed depth mask for 3D remeshes (draw order was inverted).
- Add WIP depth-pretreatment for working towards better mesh generation and 2d normal mapping.

Version 79 (December 8, 2019)

- Autonomy has been reversed from values provided from The Sims 1.0. This will affect TS1 and TSO, and finally autonomous sims are behaving somewhat reasonably.
- In TSO, this ONLY AFFECTS PETS. Though now, they should behave much more reasonably and hopefully fulfil more needs.
- Weather effects have finally been updated for hybrid and the gamma corrected lighting.
- Fixed game freeze when an MP3 track starts. The game now runs smoothly while the MP3 spins up in the background.
- Volcanic's BHAV editor now allows Copy/Paste of individual primitives (thanks bisquick!)
- Volcanic non longer creates multiple instances each time you switch lots. It will use the same window (and open objects), but close any tracers that were open in the previous lot.
- Volcanic now closes with the game.
- Fixed a bug where interaction priority would not be reset when a sim resets.
- Fixed 3D thumbnail jumbling multitile parts if there are empty segments.
- STR editor in Volcanic now shows comments. (no editing yet)
- FCNS chunk is now parsed (ver 1 + 2)
- Minor changes, prep for new objects.

Version 79a (December 8, 2019)
- Fix a bug with interactions with sub-actions (like playing chess, using beds) where normal interactions could be queued without ending them.
Posted by: S1ndle