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Sunrise Crater was designed with interesting features and landmarks for communities to build around.
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Individual lights on your low can now be changed to shine with any color of the rainbow. Having this option gives players the ability to take the theme and mood of their lot a step further. Whether it is giving your nightclub a colorful flare, your romantic room a touch of pink and red or your island themed lot hues of green and orange, the possibilities are endless.

Colored Lighting

Changing the Color

To change the color of a light, click on the light you want to change and select "Manage..." then "Set Color". Use the color picker to select the color you would like and click OK. You also have the option to enter an RGB or Hex value in the boxes provided if you want to match a color from another source. Repeat this process for all the lights you would like to change.

Color Picker

Disabling Auto On/Off

Don't want your lights turning on and off automatically? You can now disable auto on/off by clicking on the light you want to change and selecting "Manage..." then "Disable Auto" or "Enable Auto". It's that simple!

Disabling Auto On/Off