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News Archives for August 2019
Thursday August 22, 2019
Version beta/update-76c in Sunrise Crater

Update 76c has arrived and come with some technical additions, and the ability to upgrade armchairs and dining chairs. But most excitingly, band has received a rework to be more enjoyable. So bust out this guitars and drum sticks, and start a jam session with your buddies!

As always the patch notes are listed below:

- Developer-facing API additions by @Collin#7376 for neighborhoods, avatar api etc. Meaning this information is now available for web-apps! For more information see dotequals' page on the wiki:

By @The Architect#9966 :
Make Band Suck Less: BandEOD has been updated with several quality of life changes in order to incentivize users to play:
- Payout has been considerably boosted, especially in lower rounds.
- Choosing "rock on" will speed up the waiting time between notes.
- A minimum payout has been added, wherein players are awarded a certain amount of money despite losing a round. Every 5 rounds (5, 10, 15, 20) will update the minimum payout. Players who lose on subsequent rounds will still receive the highest minimum payout already achieved. No minimum payout will be given below 5 rounds. (A round is when an additional note is added to the song).
- The UI has been partially redesigned to display the current payout and current minimum payout. This will only be visible once a game has started.
- After successfully playing back any sequence, the Sim belonging to the player who played the final note will jam on their instrument in celebration of the round win.
- More time has been added to the decision of whether to rock on or sell out. (Up to 10 seconds from 5)
- More time has been added to allow each note to be played back by the player. (Up to 10 seconds from 5)
- More time has been added before the game begins after leaving the lobby. (Up to 10 seconds from 3)
- The server code has been rewritten to be more thread safe.
- Note tooltips are no longer solfeggio, but are now E major notes with a Lo and Hi E (hard coded literals)
- Some bugs have been fixed regarding note buttons and mid-game disconnections.

- New technique for upgrades to use - tuning grouping. This makes it easier to copy levels between iff files so that upgrades for very similar objects can be copied between files making for much easier creation and rebalances. (futureproofing)
- Volcanic no longer updates "external containers" when the window is not in focus, aka game rendered elements. Greatly improves performance when multiple object windows are open.
- Fixed a bug where the bulletin board UI would render incorrectly when returning from a post.
- Fixed the "unknown primitive" hex editor in Volcanic.
Posted by: S1ndle