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In EA-Land, the nature of Sim-to-Sim relationships is determined by a record of all social interactions used over the course of the game. The relationship network is dynamic and based directly on player actions.

How Relationships Work

Like in the offline version of The Sims, there are two relationship scores for each Sim; daily relationship score and lifetime relationship score. Relationship scores have a range from -100 to 100. The lower the number, the worse off your relationship is, the higher the number the better your relationship is.

Sim Page Showing Relationships

When two Sims interact with each other it affects the daily relationship score. Accepting a positive interaction will generate a positive friendship score, accepting or rejecting a negative interaction will generate a negative friendship score. If you reject a positive interaction or let an interaction "time-out", it will generate a negative friendship score. Your daily relationship score will move up more rapidly then your lifetime relationship score. Daily relationship scores will decay into your lifetime relationship score over time.

Relationship Web

You are considered to be a friend with another Sim when your lifetime relationship score between you and that Sim reaches a level of over 60, and considered an enemy with someone when your lifetime relationship score between you and that Sim reaches a level of below -60. Each relationship is two-way, so for example Bob’s outgoing relationship with Betty may be different than Betty’s incoming relationship with Bob. The score is important for determining who your friends are. A lifetime relationship score over 60 is considered a friend. The total number of friends you have affects what special interactions you receive. Visit the interactions guide to see the interactions you can earn from friendships.

Sim Thumbnails

Sim thumbnail borders reflect the relationship status between you and other Sims. This is a great way to quickly tell who you are friends with, who you are not friends with, or who your enemies are. Below are the colors and their meaning.

Green Red Blue Grey-Blue Black
Friend Enemy Self Neutral NPC or Pet

Relationship Decay

Your Sims relationship will only decay if that Sim was active the pervious day. Take Bob and Betty for example, Bob leaves for a week to take a vacation, when he leaves his and Betty’s relationship is at 60/60. While Bob is away for the week Betty continues to play like normal, their relationship score doesn’t decay as Bob is inactive and hasn’t been online. So even though Betty is playing their relationship stays intact until Bob returns and resumes playing.

Social Interactions

Negative Relationship

Making a friend or enemy is part of the outcome of your behavior towards a Sim. You build a relationship by using social interactions on each other. Both two way (Ex. Hug, Juggle, and Dance Disco) and one way interactions (Ex. Applaud, Worship, and Wave) affect the relationship score of both Sims. Interactions can affect the daily and lifetime relationship scores at the same time, and have different effects when accepted or rejected. Interactions that are not accepted or "time-out" can have a negative effect on a relationship score, so choose wisely as to what time you initiate an interaction on another player. When using an interaction on another player there are visual indicators that appear above the Sims head showing you the outcome of the interaction. A + or ++ means the interaction had a positive effect on the Sims relationship, and a - or -- means the interaction had a negative effect on the Sims relationship.

Some interactions change, or are gained depending on the level of your relationship towards a Sim. Below is a list of interactions that you can gain from having a high or low relationship score.

Positive Lifetime Relationship
60 to 100: Intimate Hug
60 to 100: Secret Handshake
85 to 100: Propose
Negative Lifetime Relationship
-60 to -100: Rip Out Heart
-60 to -100: Attack

The Relationship Web

The relationship web contains all your current friends, enemies and acquaintances. Each type of relationship has a colored ring associated with it. Red for enemies, Green for friends, and Grey-Blue for acquaintances.

Open Relationship Web

Your Sim appears in the center of the web. There are two tiers of relationships. The inner circle, and the outer circle. The inner circle contains the Sims roommates, and by default the outher circle contains the Sims outgoing relationships.

Relationship Web Controls

Clicking the "View Incoming Relationships" button will invert your relationship web and show how other Sims relationships are with your Sim. The length of the bar relates to the % strength of the relationship.

Clicking on a Sims thumbnail will cause that relationship to come into focus. The relationship web will rotate to the relationship in question and show it on a horizontal line.

Relationship in Focus

At this focused level, numerical values for the daily and lifetime relationship scores are shown. Right-clicking on the focused Sim will bring up a menu. This menu allows you to view the Sim page of the focused Sim, center the web on them, or add/edit a comment about this Sim.

From this point you can either continue to browse the relationship web by clicking on other Sims, or you could close the web using the "Close the Relationship Web" button.

Top 100 Lists

There are 5 different top 100 list categories in each city that display the top 100 Sims based on the relationships that they have. Top 100 lists can be found under the Sims tab on the Browser.

Tip: Make any of the Top 100 list categories and rake in some extra Simoleons. Bonuses are given out daily to top Sims. Only players who log in during the day are eligible for a bonus. The higher you place in the list, the bigger your bonus will be.

Most Famous
The Sim who has the highest total of incoming friendships. (Lifetime score of +60)
Best Karma
The Sim who has the highest total of positive relationship points.
The Sim who has the higest total of outgoing friendships. (Lifetime score of +60)
Most Infamous
The Sim who has the highest total of incoming enemies. (Lifetime score of -60)
The Sim who has the highest total of outgoing enemies. (Lifetime score of -60)