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Disputes Happen! While it's true this is just an online game, the characters are controlled by a very real human with very real feelings. We all come from many different cultures, traditions, social beliefs, personalities and more; there's bound to be conflict. Conflicts tend to grow to bigger problems, if not dealt with at the start. While the Admins of the game should not be expected to handle every disagreement or dispute, there is a system in place to enable you, the player, to deal with such situations.

  1. Use the ignore function. You will never hear directly what they say in the chat box. This will work everywhere you decide to visit; the ignored player will not be heard and you will not be sent to a job lot with them.
  2. Use the ban function. This works only on the lot you live on, the lot owner must have the ban list set in house permissions for this to work. The player will not be able to enter your lot again.
How to Ignore/Ban Players

To ignore a player, open their Sim Page, click on expand, then the Sim Permission Options tab. Click the check box next to Ignore This Sim. You will no longer see any property chat from this player, and they will no longer be able to send you a private message. You can see the list of players you have ignored by clicking on the bookmarks button in the UCP, then the Ignore List tab.

A Sim Banned from a Property and Ignored
A Sim Banned from a Property and Ignored

To ban a player from your property, follow the same steps as above and check the "Add To Your Property Ban List" box. You may also have to click on the Sim and select "Kick Out Visitor" from the Transactions menu to remove them from the property.

Note: The property owner will have to set the lot admit mode to "Ban List" for any property bans to take effect.

You can also use the "Where Am I?" privacy feature to prevent other players from "stalking" you from property to property. To turn it on, open your own Sim Page and click the lock button.

When to Seek Help

  1. If the player retrieves or creates another sim to gain entry to your lot after the other has been banned, this is considered to be ban evading. It is against FreeSO rules to evade a ban, please report immediately to staff through Discord. Include a screenshot of the player entering your property and any related chat.
  2. Racism, or hate speech will not be tolerated. Report this to FreeSO staff immediately through Discord with a screenshot of the offending chat.