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The First 1000 Days - Our Photo Gallery
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Our Photo Gallery

A lot can happen in a matter of 1000 days. People get married, build houses, get promotions at McDingus'. Some people set their backyards on fire... But that is most likely not a normal course of action for most people. Though it is for us! In this section, you will find some of the best pictures from our TSO lives, and a little bit of TSO history behind some of them.

And yes, you do get to see a backyard on fire.

This picture was taken way back in 2002. Actually, it was taken on New Year's Eve, and we were just having an incredibly fun time goofing off and ushering in the year 2003. For anyone who wasn't around before it was fixed, the reason I am flying in this picture is because of a bug with the rejected bench press animation. Instead of teetering precariously on the bench pressers hands, you would shoot two tiles backward and wiggle around in the air. This bug was actually present for about two years before it was finally, and tragically, fixed.

Here we have a Beta shots of some of the SimMasters making pizzas and escaping mazes. At this time, money objects could be used on any property, as property category rules had not yet been created. As can also be seen, IM pizza had not been created, so everyone played bubble pizza. And this was no easy task either, as chat history wouldn't come until quite a bit later. Additionally, Matt, the Sim in the chair, is sporting the original default male pajamas, clothing you don't see in very many pictures.

Ahh, the missing body bug from the Beta days. This is a shot of Mike minding his own business in a recliner. Though I don't think it's possible to "mind" one's business when you don't have a head. At certain times, your Sim would completely vanish as a result of a bug. Putting on a costume from the costume trunks was somewhat of a remedy, but as can be seen, it left you headless.

Yes, even we went through a period of rare hunting. However, our method was a little more spontaneous than the grid sort of method other stores use. We just bought hundreds of carriers and let 'em fly. Lady and I are seen here doing a dance for good luck. And actually, when rare pets first came out, they weren't rare at all. We actually had a few tigers and a Saint Bernard and sold them for regular pet prices. It wasn't until after they were tuned to be very rare that we had a few meltdowns.

Now we've made some pretty big pee puddles before, but this one takes the cake. Lady, Kristi, and I decided to flood SM Village with pee just for the fun of it, and well, it turned out pretty good. We even got the pee to show up in the Property Page. At least until all of the water mysteriously vanished and killed the property object limit. We hid the evidence, and outselves, until Matt came home to discover the house had been somewhat destroyed. Once we reset, the house was fine, but it was way too fun to break.

Well, a promise is a promise. Here you can see we ignited our entire backyard. For a while in Test Center, there was a bug that caused firework explosion clouds to stick after fireworks were launched. These clouds could be clicked and would instantly cause a fire when inside. So we stockpiled the clouds, enclosed our backyard, pulled up some chairs, and ignited them like mad. The result was probably the most hilarious thing in the history of TSO. Nothing happened at first, and suddenly, the entire yard burst into flames. It was pretty darn awesome. It's not surprising that Maxis quickly fixed this bug.

Ahh, a modern take on an old bug. This is a shot of Kristi doing a bit of light reading on top of a clock post. Ages ago, during the Beta Test, objects could be moved prior to being used, causing hilarious quirks when Sims got to these items. We first discovered the bug with couches, and appropriately named it the Flying Couches Bug. This is a picture of a more modern bug that exudes some of the qualities of the old Flying Couches Bug. And well. It's just plain fun!

Here we are just hanging out in Test Center. Or at least Matt, Lady, and Kristi are. I'm so jealous of their "hanging out" abilities, I seem to be pink with envy. Or something to that effect. This is another take on the Flying Couches Bug. I was trying to join everybody in the sky, but I was having some issues getting up there, and wound up turning pink. Oopsie! However, it is still a very fun picture, as we are all one big, happy, buggy family.

Here we all are on a Saturday afternoon with our dates. Well, we'd like to think we have dates, but really, it's sort of obvious that we're faking. In this shot, we have Lady, Beff, and myself cuddling with no one in particular. And Beff is slightly off the couch, too. She's got a pretend date AND pretend lumbar support! Anywho, this is just another fun friends shot that shows our buggy side.

This evening was hilarious. We were playing around with pool garbage, and of course, we had to trap the maid a few times. But after a while, she got sort of... Edgy. Who knows how it happened, but she somehow got wedged underneath the diving board, and well. This picture speaks for itself. Sorry, Marjorie!

This also has to be one of my favorite pictures. We're all together in this shot like a great big family. And even though we can't always agree on what to watch on TV, we can certainly agree on what item has us trapped like sardines... The game timer. And our hats look pretty stylish, too!