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They came to life following the Great Wipe. They've witnessed skill decay at its worst, but have stuck around to see the creation of skill locks. They knew they were rich when they had 25,000 simoleons. They now know they are rich with 2,500,000 simoleons.

Through rollbacks and through jumps in version number... Through the magic of viewing fishtanks and cuckoo clocks, and through the magic of flipping coins and giving hugs... Even through the horror of the pink speedos and the fat green jammies...

These few have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. They've seen TSO inside and out. They've seen the "Where Am I?" button come to life after two years of being a "Coming Soon!" feature.

These people are, of course, the 1,000-Day-Old Founders. They are the oldest generation in the game, and have witnessed the birth of cities and the downfall of bugs. Truly, you helped make The Sims Online the amazing entity it is today.

And well, you deserve some recognition for sticking with the game for so long, and undoubtedly for some, even longer.

So from all of us here at The Sims Online Mania, we wish all you Founders who turn 1,000 today, a VERY happy anniversary. Thank you for everything you have done, for all that you do, and all that you will continue to do in the future.

And for all other TSO players, we wish you wonderful days as well. Whether you are turning 1, 100, 500, 800, or you were just born two minutes ago... Everyone contributes to the game in their own way, and make it the amazing world that it is. Keep up your amazing Sim lives and stories, and when you turn 1,000 yourselves, take a look back that many days and take pride in how much you've experienced, how much you've contributed, and how much you will continue to experience and contribute on the Sim road ahead.

Congratulations Founders, happy 1,000, and happy Simming everyone!

--The TSO Mania Staff, 1,000 days old and still running strong

As a special treat for Founders and young Sims alike, we have prepared a whole special feature for you. It is both a look back at the past 1,000 days, and a look forward to the next 1,000. Please enjoy, and have fun!

  • Major Additions
    A lot has happened in the past 1,000 days. Just how much, you might ask? In this section, you will find a large list of past updates. For the old Sims out there, look at all the major updates you went through to get where you are today! For the young Sims roaming around, take a look at all you have today that seems so commonplace. It's true... At one time there was no chat history, and death was unheard of!

  • Founders Looking Back, and Forward
    We here at TSO Mania have been around since the Beta Days, and have turned 1,000 today like many other Founders out there today. And as such, we have our share of stories to tell about this amazing game. In this area, you will find accounts of our first days on TSO, and reflections about the future of the game.

  • Designs of the Past
    There have been dozens and dozens of updates to The Sims Online, all of them thought out, designed, internally tested, tested in Test Center, and then distributed far and wide to the Production Cities. However, what about some of the designs that never quite made it that far? You can find some of these unfinished designs here.

  • Objects Waiting to be Seen?
    Believe it or not, there are some objects sitting around in the game's files that are finished or nearly finished, but haven't been implemented for one reason or another. Will these items come to the game at some point? It's possible, as the cannon was activated eventually. However, it is also possible that they are just forgotten files, sitting around without intention of being added. For the meantime, however, feel free to look at some of these forgotten items in this section.

  • Pre-Beta Screen Shots
    Even before The Sims Online allowed people to Beta Test, screenshots from the game circulated all over the internet. Many of these pictures show a very different game from the one we have today; whether or not that is a good thing is for you to decide. In this section, you can find some of these Pre-Beta screenshots and see what made the cut, and what didn't quite make it to the live game.

  • Our Photo Gallery
    And no historical tales are complete without pictures. For over 1,000 days, we've had our Printscreen buttons at the ready for those once in a lifetime shots. In this area, you will find some pictures of important, hilarious, or just plain random times in our Sim lives. Young and old alike, you are sure to see some wacky stuff you've never seen the likes of before.