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The Sims Online originally launched in December of 2002.
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News Archives for May 2019
Friday May 31, 2019
Version beta/update-74b in Sunrise Crater

Just a tad late getting this up on the website, but no worries. Update 74b is here! Bringing with it the new Free Vote option for neighborhoods, community contributions, and measures to prevent brute-forcing of accounts.

As always the patch notes for Update 74b:

- Implement a Free Vote option for Neighborhoods, which allows sims living in neighborhoods that do not have an election to vote in any ongoing election.
- You will receive an email when the election period starts and your neighborhood is ineligible.
- You can select from any neighborhood with an active election. You will then receive the mail for that election cycle.
- Sims living in neighborhoods with elections will vote as normal.
- Move limitation for entering and voting in elections is now 14 days instead of 30.
- Moving property will affect your ability to participate in the free vote as well, to stop users from double-voting.
- (from Jones) Objects can now be sent back to inventory by pressing I.
- (from Jones) Fixed a bug with job UI
- (from simptomo) Fixed an issue where Set To Next primitive could yield an incorrect result.
- Implement a "Restore Lot Tool" which allows restoration of properties from fsov saves, useful when the property has been deleted, changed unexpectedly or vandalised. It creates database entries for lots and obejcts, and can even steal objects back from user inventories to attempt to retain persist state (eg. sign plugin)
- Add support to upload update builds to GitHub Releases rather than AWS.
- Failed attempts at reconnecting to the server no longer leak TCP connections. (this caused some networking issues on busier days where over 500 dead connections were still "active", and sometimes the lot server simply stopped listening for connections due to it)
- Failing too many login attempts will lock you out for a few minutes. Consecutive will increase the time exponentially. Logging in successfully will reset the exponential lockout time. This is to prevent against brute-forcing into accounts by logging in hundreds of thousands of times, which hasn't happened yet but still needs to be addressed.
- Collision verification cheat for debug mode. Hasn't propped up with anything yet but should be able to reveal cases where the static collision tree desyncs from what it should be.
- Fixed CORS configuration on the server for some additional safety (and less warnings in logs)
- Fix a bug that would force you out of the property on showing the
timeout dialog (if your window is too small)
- Fixed attempting to purchase too many clothes. Now refunds the
purchaser if the outfit owner cannot be changed (not the best solution,
no error msg but works for now)
- Wait 100ms before re-establishing connection, to deal with cases where
we are yet to receive the ServerByePDU or are disconnecting ourselves.
- Draw lot facades after the flashing square beneath them (when they are
online) to avoid masking issues.
- Don't cut off city object opacity at 0.1.
- City tree alpha is now non-premultiplied.
- Fix object alpha blending for surrounding lots (roughly)
Posted by: S1ndle