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The Sims Online originally launched in December of 2002.
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News Archives for March 2019
Sunday March 31, 2019
April Fools! And a new Blog Post!
For today only on April 1st (or March 31st depending on your timezone). You can enjoy the antics of this year's April Fools event.

There's also a brand new blog post on the official FreeSO blog that goes discusses the new additions for this event.
Go give it a read!
Posted by: S1ndle
Saturday March 30, 2019
Version beta/update-74 in Sunrise Crater

Update 74 is finally here! Coming in with brand new craftables, fixes, and numerous changes to connections and updating.

And now the patch notes for Update 74.

- New build/buy grid in 3D that is less crunchy.
- New objects on the crafting table! Check out our updated Crafting Guide to see what they are.
- Donated objects can no longer break. (town halls)

War On Error 23
- After an unexpected disconnection, you have 30 seconds to re-establish connection before your ingame session is terminated. (city AND lot)
- The client now attempts to re-connect to the server after connection is lost, up to 10 times.
- You can re-establish connection from different connections, so you can even switch from WiFi to 4G without dropping out of a property.
- Reconnecting after a full disconnect no longer gets stuck in a loop where it has to wait for your sim to disconnect from the lot - it now boots them instantly.
- When a lot has no roommates, there is now a 30 second grace period before visitors are kicked out.
- Disconnections from a property now give dialog messages (eg. "too many sims, no roommates left, you're still in the property etc")

New Update System
- Automatically generated updates that are applied automatically when the server closes. Before, both processes were manual, with the first taking an hour and the second taking about 10 minutes. Now anyone on the admin team can just fill out a simple dialog and click a button, sip some coffee, and it will be applied when the server restarts.
- Incremental upgrades: updates that distribute only the files that have changed since the last version rather than all of them. When applicable, update sizes are about 8MB instead of 130MB. Can apply multiple in a row.
- New updater utility, that works fully on mac without any crashy workarounds. Restarts the game right after patching just like windows.
- Updater shows progress in a progress bar. New UI for diagnosing files that failed to update. Retry/Ignore that works, rollback if aborting update.
- On OSX: run update.exe with argument --client to reinstall, --extras to install extras.

Tombstones Upgrade
- Tombstones now remember who died, how, and when, and display it on a dialog when you view them. Uses the donation system from the nhoods feature. Only applies to new tombstones.

New PRs
- Retzel's first PRs are in the game: a replacement job info dialog that has a much better layout and a progress bar til you're at the next level, and a fix to stop horrible mistakes when pressing the delete key setting objects for sale! for more info see
Posted by: S1ndle