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There are 31 windows and 42 doors to choose from in build mode.
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Saturday June 9, 2018
Version beta/update-70 in Sunrise Crater

This update includes an update to animation speed (to match what it was originally in TSO) and many bug fixes:
  • All animations are now at 1.2x speed. FreeSO was running these slightly too slow when compared to both TS1 and vanilla TSO. Interaction sounds should now correctly match up with animations. (Please report any issues related to this immediately!)
  • Update Monogame:
    • Fixes OpenGL audio bugs
    • Mouse cursors now work in DirectX
    • We can add Multisample Anti-Aliasing soon
    • Probably a lot of other weird issues fixed
  • 3D City View now has touch screen controls. (desktop touch support via the "-touch" launch param)
  • When running, avatars now travel up stairs and get off chairs faster.
  • Avatars will now run to destinations further than 10 tiles away (unless "walk here" is queued, which will force walking)
  • Large scale program restructure. Please double check your NVIDIA and Firewall settings, since the application executable has changed!
  • Fixed purchase lot not telling you when your purchase was rejected because the lot name was already taken.
  • The purchasable outfit list is now ordered by price.
  • Secure trade's "grace period" is now less visually confusing. (disabled checkbox looked active)
  • Actually enforce Welcome Lot rules. (visitor skills disabled, except for newbies)
  • Welcome lot bonuses are now based on account age rather than sim age. Remember you that you're only allowed one account per person.
  • Smoke particles are no longer visible from floors above the current in 2D.
  • Fixed a weird bug with the 3D city transition and disabled surrounding lots.
  • Fixed a few crashes to do with the new loading stuff

Additional fixes in version beta/update70f:
  • Fix floor tiles becoming flat colours and lines in OpenGL (anisotropic filtering is disabled in 3D as a result, sorry!)
  • Fixed TTS crash bug.
  • Fixed mouse cursor flicker in 3D.
  • Fixed sims that aren't you showing 0 skill locks.
  • Fixed crash when buying a lot in DirectX.
  • Login dialog now remembers the last username you enter.
  • Game no longer crashes in other language if hints are missing.
  • Add special dialog if TSO is missing from the target directory.
Posted by: Matt