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News Archives for February 2019
Sunday February 10, 2019
Version beta/update-72h in Sunrise Crater

Update 72h is here! With this update, the snowstorms have finally let up. This update includes changes by members of the community. The updates Rhys has been working on will come in Update 73.
  • Grass and Sand are no longer replaced with snow. Weather is temporarily disabled. (rhys)
  • Visitors can now repair the Moderate fridge (dotequals)
  • The sim in the pie menu is a little different, now they look at the button you are hovering! (lazy duchess)
  • Some bugs have been fixed with the gingerbread station, and the spoil time has been increased. (miha)
  • Small backend stuff for the AFAs, piffs can now safely add OBJDs without causing lot loading oddities. (rhys)
  • [Volcanic] Generate XML entries for the catalog, copy GUID from object page, hex edit for unknown primitives (dotequals)
  • [Volcanic] Make empty and help links now work in remesh editor. (rhys)
New Remeshes! Download and extract the latest remesh package from this forum post into your /FreeSO/Content folder:

Includes a remesh for the new object by S1ndle, the backdrop and party light by Dica, and the theatre chair that can be found in Town Hall by AOG.

That's not all... an all new object is in the catalog. Can anyone afford it? No? It's there anyways! If you're literally rolling in it, you can pick up the limousine for §1,000,000. Yes, really. Yes, it's just decorative (for now?)
Posted by: Matt