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News Archives for October 2018
Monday October 8, 2018
Version beta/update-71b in Sunrise Crater

This update is mostly aimed at fixing serious issues introduced by the last few versions, but adds a lot of new objects and a new 3D mode feature.
  • Added 15 new objects to the catalog! More fixed up objects from Raeven, given the descriptions you suggested.
  • Fixed a few typos and bugs with previously added objects.
  • The repairman bug (infinite loop) is now fixed for HoldemCasino tables
  • Pushing a hand on which a player doubled down now returns the doubled bet amount, rather than just the original bet amount
  • Change splash screen to halloween one.
  • Fix a fatal crash caused by in-game music.
  • Fix a fatal crash on the newspaper graph tab (for older GPUs)
  • Fix a tuning crash when the en-US culture had been modified by the user.
  • Fix an exception that would show when launching the game multiple times by accident.
Backported from WIP version:
  • Improved drawing order for objects in 3D mode
  • Revamped mouse-ground hit detection to work more reliably for complex terrain.
  • Added MASK_DEPTH and MASK_DEPTH_PORTAL special render types to remeshed objects
Update 71c:
  • Fix crash importing some models with DEPTH_MASK_PORTAL. (volcanic)
  • Allow 32 concurrent connections when downloading thumbnails and facades in city view, rather than like 2. (much faster lot thumbnail downloads - you'll notice the difference is that they actually work)
  • DEPTH_MASK_PORTAL: Calculate bounding box from everything except the portal mesh.
  • Optimised and fixed some object scripts.
  • Fix a graphical issue with the new DEPTH_MASK variants that caused them to peek thru walls when anti aliasing is disabled. (the normal backbuffer didn't have a stencil component)
  • Lot tuning can now be dynamically changed by admins.
  • Expose some more data and engine functionality to SimAntics.
  • Revert a change to Blackjack and Holdem that may have forced client disconnections.
  • Server now logs client disconnections caused by message handling errors. (for debugging the above)
  • Fix casino end table's pick up tree (so it doesn't duplicate newspapers and other stuff, thanks raeven!)
Posted by: Matt