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News Archives for September 2017
Tuesday September 26, 2017
Version beta/update-54 in Sunrise Crater

This update brings us some improvements to sandbox mode, the ability to resize the property chat window, and some server changes to help with stability.
  • Sandbox mode's online functionality has been re-enabled. Sandbox mode now hosts a single lot server on port 37564, which users can connect to over LAN or the internet, assuming port forwarding has been appropriately set up. Right now all users who connect to your server have admin rights, but in future more managed options will be available (as seen in legacy mode)
  • Sandbox Mode now allows users to design a sim with CAS.
  • You can now resize the chat box with Ctrl + and Ctrl -. Change pushed by @Retzel#7634
  • Fixed some issues on the login screen, when failing to type in your password. Change pushed by @Retzel#7634
  • Allow empty .obj files to be imported in Volcanic.
  • Admin API is now on ASP.NET instead of Nancy. Nancy is no longer running on the server at all - should lessen performance issues with async tasks and make it easier to manage the server.
  • Experimental fix for a bug with async tasks severely degrading server performance on linux. Hopefully this works!
  • You can now save any lot locally with Ctrl-S. This allows you to use it in sandbox mode. (does not copy signs, door passwords, card deck, etc)
Posted by: Matt
Thursday September 7, 2017
Version beta/update-52 in Sunrise Crater

Some fixes in this update today:
  • Grass is no longer a noise machine.
  • Mipmap generation fixed for OpenGL and extreme mip levels.
  • Fixed a small lighting bug with avatars.
  • Fixed anti aliased mode behaving unusually with rendering transparency.
  • Center sim now works correctly in 3D.
  • Generate Mipmaps in 3D mode:
    • Makes walls, floors and objects look a lot better with anti-aliasing disabled.
    • Looks better with anti alias enabled as well.
Posted by: Matt