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There are 33 objects to raise your Sims skill.
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Friday April 6, 2018
PlaySO Weekend

Free Money!
No, no, we aren't making you pay us. We're paying you!

Every hour this weekend starting Saturday 00:00 UTC, the first avatar you log into your account (or that is already logged into your account) will receive 500 Simoleons. This will continue all weekend, reaching a potential maximum of 24000, if you're crazy and play the game for the whole 48 hours. This is secretly a stress test of the events system, which is usually only used to bring you messages like this and deliver event objects, but can potentially do much more than that.

In the future we hope to make it possible to bring more interesting events on weekends or holidays, such as free green, skill speed increase or even changes to certain object's tuning values (how quickly you can use the toilet, as a more ridiculous example). Our dynamic events system should make it possible to even make these incredibly fine grained, like potentially a "skilling happy hour" where skill speeds could go much higher than usual.

Note that the money will appear in your account without fanfare - on the hour it will likely not show up either, it will only display when your money changes via in-lot increase or decrease. This will also be improved in future!
Posted by: Matt
Sunday April 1, 2018
Version beta/update-68 in Sunrise Crater

Posted by: Matt