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The Sims Online originally launched in December of 2002.
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News Archives for January 2018
Sunday January 21, 2018
Game Guide Updates

We have been busy updating more of our game guides to be reflective of some of the recent changes in FreeSO.

Starting with our Casino Objects guide which now includes details on the two new slot machines recently added to the game, as well as the changes to how the cash in/out process and minimum balance is managed for slot machines and the roulette table.

The Property Categories guide has been updated to show which categories allow you to overfill your motives and by how much. A new section on Skill Gameplay Mode has been added, which details how to manage this feature and the effects it has on owners, roommates and visitors.

Our short lived Lighting Color Guide has returned with updated information on how to change the color lights emit on your lot as well as how to disable auto on/off.

Finally, the Buy Mode Objects catalog has been updated with the new slot machines and decorative items (Poster & Taxis).

Stay tuned, there is more to come!
Posted by: Matt
Sunday January 21, 2018
Version beta/update-64 in Sunrise Crater

Some changes and improvements have been made to the object repair system today:
  • Avatars now recover object wear during repair based on their mechanical and logic skill. Up to 50% at 20 mechanical. At zero logic you recover a random range of 25-50% wear and at 10 logic or above you recover a fixed 50% when you have maxed mechanical.
  • Repair cost restored to original percentage of value (double of what it was now) since repairs will happen less frequently with wear recovery.
  • Repairman is now automatic - but will only recover 10% object wear.
  • To make up for this taking less of the user's time, repair cost is now 100 per hour rather than 50.
  • Fixed server/client freezing issue, and animation caching bug causing desyncs.
  • Gardener now waters plants below 85% water rather than 75% water.
Posted by: Matt
Saturday January 13, 2018
Version beta/update-63 in Sunrise Crater

This update includes fixes for some bugs introduced in the previous one and adds two new objects: A slot machine and decorative taxi set.

  • Add the new casino objects advertised before.
  • Add a really cute decorative taxi set by S1ndle. These objects have custom sprites, look great and have high room score... but cost quite a bit!
  • Fix Build Mode crashing when Texture Compression is enabled on some setups, use another technique. (copying DXT5 texture data is unimplemented/buggy in monogame)
  • Disable texture compression in cases where it would break on OpenGL 3D mode and would turn most textures black. (monogame issue, may be re-enabled in future)
  • Directional lighting setting is now ignored on minimum lighting. (fixes black sims, minimum lighting in 3d)
  • Fixed key shortcuts for live mode activating when typing. You can now click or right click on the lot to remove focus from a textbox, letting you use these commands.
  • Skill Gameplay can no longer be disabled for NPCs.
  • Audio crash fix for simulation pause.
  • Fix newspaper possibly crashing for systems with non-english or modified date strings.
  • Fix an assumption where some systems did not understand "./update.exe" for launching the updater.
  • Fix spotlight advertising itself as a table.
Posted by: Matt
Friday January 12, 2018
Version beta/update-61 in Sunrise Crater

This new version brings us dynamic money object tuning, a new UI for the newspaper that will share the latest FreeSO news and dynamic payout information, skill gameplay disable for lots, secure trading for objects, money & properties, rain showers and many bug/perormance fixes. Enjoy!

  • Dynamic Money Object Tuning
    • Models a supply/demand market for all of the single money objects.
    • Less popular objects pay out more. More popular objects pay out less.
    • One "bonus" skill may be selected each day to have a higher payout.
    • Note: All payout scales factor out the differing times for each object type to complete
  • "Read City News" Interaction on Newspaper
    • Shows recent/current news and upcoming events.
    • Shows the bonus object, and the current payout percentage for each object.
    • Graphs the trend in object payouts over the last week.
  • Skill Gameplay Disable
    • Lets a lot owner disable skill decay, skill gain and money object payouts on their lot at will. Useful for casual lot types.
    • Can keep enabled for roommates only, or disable entirely.
    • Skill gameplay is disabled for visitors by default for services, entertainment and romance lots.
  • Secure Trading
    • Trade objects, money and lots... possibly all in one go!
    • Revamped system to improve user awareness of possible scams.
    • Supports extreme cases such as lot swapping.
  • The snow covering Sunrise Crater has melted due to rain showers.
  • Directional Lighting
    • Adds an extra pass to the advanced lighting to store light direction.
    • Objects and Sims now respect the light direction at their location. (in 2D mode, this currently only affects sims. more info coming soon
    • Uses an additional 4x4 pixel per tile half-float buffer
    • DXT5 Texture Compression
    • Prevents crashes on machines with low VRAM at the cost of visual quality. (quarters sprite VRAM usage)
    • Enabled by default for now, can be disabled from graphics options.
    • Will eventually only be enabled by default on intel GPUs.
  • Server performance improvements
    • Objects that are for sale no longer simulate every tick. (5x performance improvement on extreme store lots, 2.5x increase on a typical lot)
    • ~25% improvement to single core performance on typical lots. (and reduced locking)
    • Data service serializer cache.
    • Restaurant exceptions on round end are fixed. (now all you have to deal with is weird routing)
    • Lot thumbnails smartly mask out ground colour when it is not sloped or dead.
    • Your lot won't have an ugly green diamond under it in the thumbnail. (aka the ground)
    • Fixed a bug with pets where they would consider their own interactions more important than getting back in the cage.
    • In 3D mode, the catalog thumbnail is now a rotating 3D model, rather than the usually broken render seen before.
    • Premultiplication is now the same between OpenGL and DirectX.
    • Discord rich presence now uses lot category icons from Alex.
    • Pets crates now show their breed as part of the name, where applicable.
    • Lot server now attempts to log simantics state when aborting a thread in an infinite loop.
    • Actually fix light permissions.
    • Many minor changes.
Posted by: Matt