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There are 3 objects that will lower your Sims bladder score.
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News Archives for June 2017
Friday June 16, 2017
Version beta/update-36 in Sunrise Crater

The update today brings us the initial implementation of global interactions, and a bunch of bug fixes:
  • The salvage global interaction is now available on all objects. Salvage can be used to obtain the components needed to craft certain objects.
  • Unify ActiveQueueBlock system for AllowPush and RunImmediately
    interactions. Fixes TS1 and "running man" bug caused by enqueuing sim2sim interactions in the split second no interactions were present on the queue.
  • Fix loading (very) old fsov files.
  • You can now remove undeletable objects from sale (dead plants).
  • VM now knows when an object is for sale.
  • Fix Expanded Double Tall EODs.
  • Fix crash with no lights or rooms present.
  • Fix 2 Sim object socials (cuddle, play in bed) not working on some lots.
  • Fixed TSO sandbox mode and added dialog for selecting sandbox.
  • Fix restaurant chef entering an infinite loop because the screen wasn't ready for them to take an order yet.
  • Fix more issues with the new invalidating UI setup.
Posted by: Matt