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Tuesday August 21, 2018
Site Updates

We have put together a few updates that reflect all the recent changes and additions to FreeSO, some general housekeeping, and a brand new game guide.

Starting with our new game guide written by Fawn: How to Build a Successful House. This guide will teach you how to build a house from selecting a location on the map, designing an efficient layout, and rising to the top of your category.

The Getting Started guide has been tweaked to include mention of new accounts under a week old earning skills and money at double the normal rate when visiting a lot in the welcome category.

A new Group Skill Objects guide has been set up for this new category of skill objects. The Maze object guide has moved from the Group Money Objects guide to here. Expect a guide on the War Game to come in the future as well.

The Maze Group Skill Object guide has been updated with information on how to use it to earn skill points and includes new images for the logic player and round walkthrough.

The Skills guide has been updated with the Group Skill Objects. Maze for earning Logic and Charisma, and the War Game for earning Creativity.

All the recently added objects to the game are now available in the Buy Mode Objects catalog. This includes all the objects that were winners of the description contest held on Discord, and the casino object set by S1ndle.

And finally, the Current Cities page has been updated to show Sunrise Crater as the official city (server) of FreeSO. For those who want to look back at TSO/EA Land history can check out the Legacy / Lost Cities page for all that goodness.

Enjoy the updates!
Posted by: Matt
Friday August 10, 2018
Version beta/update-71 in Sunrise Crater

The update today brings us a brand new casino game, Texas Holdem and an entire set of casino themed objects to go along with it. We are also treated to the return of the Maze Group Object and the introduction of a new group skill objects concept. Stay tuned to for updated game guides to reflect all the new changes!

New Features:
  • Added Texas Holdem EOD! Much more in depth than the rest of the casino games, this is for people who want to go all in. (Thanks to Architect) Go here for more information on the creation of this EOD.
  • Added a new set of casino themed game objects, including a bar and counters! (Thanks to S1ndle!)
  • Introduced Group Skill as a concept! High end skilling for active or high skill level players. See this blog post for more details.
    • Maze: Logic/Charisma. Win gives you 0.02 skill points and motives.
    • Wargame: Creativity/Creativity. Win gives you 0.02 skill points and motives, Lose gives you 0.01.
  • The last of the TS1->TSO object ports have been completed, with descriptions from discord. (8 objects, see previous announcements) Thanks for participating, and thanks to Raeven for fixing them!
  • Thanks to Raeven in general, actually - helped with all both EODs!

  • Select a Sim can no longer crash due to a bad lot thumbnail.
  • Refactored "Run Immediately" interactions to be a bit more reliable.
  • You can now choose a positive or negative reaction for a sim to sim interaction as soon as it appears.
  • Floor and wall keyboard shortcuts now work in 3D mode.
  • Volcanic no longer crashes in OpenGL.

Posted by: Matt