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The Sims Online originally launched in December of 2002.
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News Archives for August 2017
Tuesday August 8, 2017
Version beta/update-45 & 46 in Sunrise Crater

In version 45:
  • Fixed disconnect that happened when accessing city lot state when a lot was going online or offline
  • Fixed lots getting stuck when I/O takes too long
  • Shutdown stuck lots to immediately free all avatars and the lot
  • Add VM abort mode which tries to kill check tree loops as quickly as possible

In version 46:
  • Fix city data service never adding anything to the lot collection
  • Fix chat bubble's old assumption about text height
  • Attempt to reintroduce TTS avoiding linking
  • Re-enable cursors
  • Attempt optimization for city view spritebatch
  • Mina bug should now close faulty connection, rather than spiraling out of control and crashing the server
  • Fix relationship dialog crashing in roommates mode when you aren't part of a house
  • Fix log typos
Posted by: Matt