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Sunday April 7, 2019
Version beta/update-74a in Sunrise Crater

This version fixes a number of bugs in relation to client connections and property ownership trades:

- Fix a bug where a property could crash if a bad command was sent.
- Client deserialization errors are now shown with an error dialog.
- Fix job info dialog sometimes showing outdated info or crashing when on property.
- Use a less offensive normal map for waves in city view. Make them travel the right way
- Fix city shadows on water
- Fix re-establishing connection not working if the server discovered the connection was closed first
- Do not delete community lots that have no owner (this logic is used for normal lot deletion)
- Lot for Lot (with objects) trades now no longer attempt to remove the lot owner's objects before trading.
- Fix fade effect for 3d surround lots
- Tweak some values in the water shader.
- Fix placing a Mayor lot resetting move date. (therefore making it impossible to post bulletins or run for the next election)
- Trading a property now correctly updates move date, only when the user is trading themselves into a new neighborhood.
- Trading a property can no longer include untradable objects. (they are sent back to the owner)
Posted by: Matt