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Sunday April 23, 2017
Lets Get It Started

We are happy to announce the addition of a brand new guide that will help new and returning players get started in the world of The Sims Online and FreeSO. Our Getting Strated Guide covers everything you will need to know, from installing the game all the way to buying objects for your newly purchased property.

Be sure to give it a read if you are new and just starting out, or are returning and need a little refresher on how things work. Enjoy!
Posted by: Matt
Friday April 14, 2017
Version beta/update-31 in Sunrise Crater

Great news everyone! The costume trunk EOD has been implemented by The Architect. Your Sims now have access to over 200 different types of outfits. Take a look at our costume trunk catalog to preview all costume trunks and outfits available.

Costume Trunks
Costume Trunks are Here!
Posted by: Matt
Thursday April 13, 2017
Version beta/update-30 in Sunrise Crater

The update tonight includes some fixes to the slot machines, as well as fixes for some other minor bugs.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented non-English clients from playing $5 and $10 machines.
  • Increased the maximum balances of all slot machine types.
  • Fixed exception in CAS and forced head and body pages to refresh when switching from female to male.
  • Customers can no longer edit the rack name or prices on store clothing racks in their UI.
Posted by: Matt
Tuesday April 11, 2017
Version beta/update-29 in Sunrise Crater

Ready to take on the one arm bandit? Slot machines have returned in this latest update! Be sure to check out our Casino Objects Guide for the scoop on how these machines work.

One important change to take note of is: Unlike in the original implementation, a slot machine balance can not go into debt. Owners will have to "stock" the machine with money first to cover any potential winnings.

Here are the full patch notes:
  • Slots EOD has been implemented by TheArchitect. This means all 3 slot machine objects are now available. The money bounds to keep your machines functional are currently a little tight though. Check out those animations!
  • Quick fix to prevent VM crashes in EOD servers.
Posted by: Matt
Sunday April 2, 2017
Version beta/update-28b in Sunrise Crater

JMD "Thomas Edison" Montana has been banned from the development team and the game is now back to its pre-April Fool's Day state. You can expect the following feature additions to remain:
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS) can be re-enabled by editing the config.ini file in your FreeSO\Content folder and changing EnableTTS=True.
  • You are still able to start fires, however fire spread has been disabled for now.
Posted by: Matt
Saturday April 1, 2017
Version beta/update-28 in Sunrise Crater

Big news everyone! FreeSO is now MyLand. Here are all of the changes:
  • Change the awful freeso setup png to our new MyLand one.
  • Enable fire, so that we can burn out all of your hopes and dreams.
  • Add voice chat, for a more immersive sims experience.
  • Change all occurances of the word "Sim" in strings to "MyLander"
  • Delete Jams.
  • Wiped the server. 3 times. For good measure.
  • Added toddlers to the game to catch up with The Sims 4
  • Renderer now works in 4D
  • Various one line code changes throughout the whole code base to affirm that everything is now MINE BACK OFF
  • Multiaccounting is now allowed, so long as you only use it for burning 24 sims at once using rugs.
  • (note: sims with 1% body fat or holding Intel Centrino laptops are immune to fire, and in fact, any bodily harm whatsoever.)
Read more about it here.
See you in MyLand, fellow MyLanders!
Posted by: Matt
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