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The Sims Online Mania: Fourth Anniversary
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Four years and still Simming!

The Sims Online Mania was a late night "what if" conversation between a group of friends. Never did we think, or dare hope that four years later we would still be going strong and be one of the top fan sites for The Sims Online / EA-Land. To give you a bit of background on how it all started: Four score and seven years ago... No that's not right. It was a dark and stormy night when suddenly... No that's not right either, though it could have been storming. Maybe it was storming, yeah let's go with that. It was a dark and stormy night here, not sure what it was where Indigo lives, maybe earthquakes or a gnome infestation... Indigo and I were up late fairly late after Matt had went to bed (quit your job Matty so you can stay up late and save us from ourselves!), so many stories, mishaps and adventures seem to start that way "Well... Matt went to bed and we were bored..." So much money spent breaking things for items and lets not get started on searching for rare pets and trying to hide exactly how much money we spent... *whistles* Matt of course is the sensible one of us. Anywho, that night we had helped a new person out with a few questions they had about the game and we got to thinking "Hmmm... we seem to do this an awful lot, what if we started a website with a few guides and how-to's for new people?" The next day we brought up the idea to Matt, our resident guru, website person, programmer, shrink, coder etc... etc... and from there we have grown to the website you see before you.

The site has greatly expanded over the years thanks to the hard work Matt, Indigo, Myself and of course all of you have poured into it. Go back in time and take a peek at some of our previous looks:

First Version Modified First Version
Second Version Third Version

From our very first guide on interactions to our latest guide on custom content we have always tried our best to keep new Sims, old Sims, Founding Sims and those in-between Sims up to date and "in the know" about all things TSO. When jobs first came out we dove in head first, working every shift, rarely sleeping out here in the real world so that we could give the ins and outs, funny ways to die, not so funny ways to die and nifty bugs we'd found to you. We are proud to have been able to bring to all of you the first job clock in real time so those addicts, me included, could keep up with when we had to log back into the game for the next shift. That was our first "toy" and now we have a few different ways for you to find out what’s going on in-game without being logged in. Take a look at our Avatar, Lot, and Neighborhood searches, as well as our forum signature creator!

Without all of you wonderful Sims and Simmets out there we wouldn’t still be here today, thank you all for your comments, your ideas and your support. This fan site is dedicated to each and every one of you. Happy Simming and please, keep those ideas, requests and funny pictures coming our way.

Here is to another four years of bugs, spiffay new guides, silliness and Simming. Don’t forget to look us up in game and stop by to see us.

Lady, Matt and Indigo