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The First 1000 Days - Objects Waiting to be Seen?
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Objects Waiting to be Seen?

While over the past 1000 days we have had a lot of new objects added to the game, there are still a lot more sitting idle in the game files just waiting to be completed and added to the game. Some of these idle objects have been added in the past, such as the cannon (which came as an insentive to sign up new players). We have drilled through the files to find some objects that were made for or converted from The Sims 1.0 to be used in TSO. How can we tell you ask? These objects have thumbnails that use a dark blue background, versus the lighter blue from The Sims 1.0. Please enjoy our gallery of objects that may some day appear in a TSO game near you!.

Blackjack was probably the most anticipated addition to The Sims Online. The game was to mimic how Blackjack is played in real life. After almost a year of no updates, it was finally announced that Blackjack was put on the shelf.

The campfire, which is a direct clone from The Sims 1.0 would likely serve as a fun and social provider. Note: This object was added to the game as a 3rd anniversary gift to players, however it is currently not working as intended.

The cubicle would be a fun addition to the game, and help those Sims who like to run businesses out of their lots. It features a corner desk wrapped in walls.

The piggy bank functions the same as a tip jar, but in a more fun and attractive way.

The purpose of the pool filter is not really known. While it does contain a clean interaction, we are not sure if it only serves as a decorative item.

Everyone loves a game of soccer, including Sims! This object appeared in many pre-beta screen shots and looks like loads of fun to play, but unfortunately it sits locked away.

Spin the bottle is another unique item to TSO. The object contains a spin and kiss interaction, which could only mean one thing, its identical to the classic spin the bottle game we all know.

What office is not complete without a water cooler? This object raises hunger and fun, just like the punch bowl, but fits in better with the office decor.