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The First 1000 Days - Founders Looking Back, and Forward
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Founders Looking Back, and Forward

Itís fun to reminisce about the old days, and how things were different way back when. The staff here at The Sims Online Mania have come together to recollect our experiences during our first few days on TSO, and also predict what the next 1000 days may hold.

Matt - site admin

I had the day off school and saw that the disks had arrived in the mail. Being a SimMaster I had first crack at getting beta disks and they arrived about a week after the call for beta players went out. I quickly opened the envelope and put the disk in the computer and installed the game. As soon as the registration screen popped up and I saw that I needed a credit card to register I froze. There was no way I could get access to a credit card until the evening, and I had this game sitting in front of me that I was dying to play, but couldn't. After a few agonizing hours I finally got my hands on a credit card and completed the registration.

I had been talking with Fran, a long time SimMaster friend on AIM the whole afternoon about the game trying to learn the ins and outs, and what to do when I first log in. After I first logged in I created a sim in Alphaville because thatís where everyone seemed to be living. I chose a sim head that looked as close to mine as I could get and picked clothes that consisted of a Hawaiian short and shorts with sandals and socks (a decision which I later regretted). The first time I entered the city I was completely lost. All these blinking white stars were all over the map and I couldnít figure out how to find the houses where people lived. A few minutes later I had a message popup from Fran. She told me how I could find her place. The first lot I ever entered in TSO was SM Village. A house where all the SimMasters from that had the game lived. At first entry I scrolled around the lot to see what was new and different from the offline game, and I found that just about everything was. I saw Fran working a telemarketing machine, Mike was playing Maze with another visitor, and I was standing out front. Fran explained a few things about what the objects were, how to make money and to only work on one skill because at that time there was no skill decay which made gaining other skills harder. I inquired about how to make food because by this time my needs started to become red. I attempted to click on the fridge but couldnít. I didnít realize that only roommates could use such objects. After getting one of the roommates to make some food I greened up, and paid $1 to use the bathroom, and $2 to sleep in the bedroom (my how times have changed) I was ready to start making some money. Fran convinced me charisma was the way to go since the more people doing it, the faster (99%, woo!) you gained the skill. I spent most of the night using the telemarketing machine, asking lots of questions and waiting to learn the maze game (since Mike would never get off the thing).

That pretty much sums up my first night on TSO. Over the past 1000 days so much has happened with my Sim life. The most important thing being the friendships that I have formed through the game. These friendships mean a lot to me, in Sim life and real life, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

What do I see happening in the next 1000 days? I think the small, but tight TSO community will continue to grow and our little game will continue to get better and better. TSO has a bright future.
Indigo - site admin

My first day on TSO was actually kind of split into a previous evening and the next day's afternoon. What happened was my Play Test discs had arrived in the mail that day. I believe it was a weekday, because I had to go to school the next day.

Anyway, I got the discs and installed the game, but this had all happened in the evening, so what with homework, dinner, and sleeping, I got to see the loading screen and the Create-a-Sim page. That was about it.

Day two was a bit more productive. After school, I went straight to the computer to try out TSO, and more particularly, to ask Kristi where everyone lived. I found out that most people were in Alphaville, so I set off to make my Sim. And of course, he had to have blue hair.

Once inside, I was rather boggled by everything. I had no idea what the search panel was, or what some of the buttons did. In fact, I kept forgetting for several days. However, I finally got the hang of everything and started to explore.

If I recall, the first thing I did was land at a random lot... I believe it was Alphaville University. I know it had money objects, and people were gaining skill while making money, a completely Beta thing. And, well, being the new person I was, I ran straight for a bed, went to sleep, and typed out, "Hey, I am talking in my sleep! LOL!" The first words my Sim ever spoke. To think I could've said something deep and meaningful. But sleeping and talking at the same time was just too cool! I think it was the space bunk bed, too. I was on the bottom bunk.

After that, I think I hopped over to SM Village, since that was the totally cool place to be at the time, due to a number of the chat SimMasters living there. What I didn't know when I landed was that these people would eventually be my roommates for around three years. But most importantly, they would be my friends for life.

Before eventually moving in at SM Village, though, I don't remember if we made a house right away or not. I remember we had a grey box that sort of represented a house. Complete with cardboard box dining table and a globe lamp that was to die for... Well, actually, death hadn't been created yet. But if you could've died, it would've been to die for. Anyway! Eventually, we even got a Code machine out back. And of course, the roof had to be blue. That was Kristi's doing. Eventually, that grey box became our home, and though it did have to get rebuilt through a few wipes, the fun we had remained intact through it all.

There really aren't words to describe these past 1,000 days. Really, it's been longer, since I was present in the Beta Test, but still. Each one of those days has really been unique. Even those days where I did nothing but skill, green up, and skill some more... No two of those days has ever been the same. It is just way too cool to think back to certain days out of those 1,000, and to think of all the updates that have come and gone. And all of those days have provided something truly unique to my gaming experience, and well, my life.

I can only imagine what is in store for The Sims Online in the 1,000 days ahead. I'm sure it will continue to grow, and the updates we receive will be really fun as they almost always are. Alpha will remain active and busy, with Blazing right behind as always. People will come and go, recreate and retire. And then there will be the group of us who have stuck with the game this far, and will continue to stick with it until the game goes kaput in an incredibly spectacular Error 23. But until that far-off day, I see bright things for The Sims Online, and can't wait to experience them all.
Lady - site admin

After I logged into TSO it was time to create my very first Sim, I wasn't really sure where to go so I picked the first city that I really saw, Alphaville. Next it was on to the CAS area where I picked the head that looked most like me, back then there wasn't as many clothes as there are today so I picked something that I would wear in real life. After all that was said and done I was transferred to the map and I was lost. I had no clue what to do or where to go, I clicked where I saw a bunch of red dots flashing and I saw a road with houses along it, after looking around a bit I came across one that was called "SM Village" I clicked to enter and off I went. After landing I was once again completely clueless, I had no idea what to do so I kind of wondered around outside. One of the roommates IM'd me and thoughtfully explained the ins and outs of the game, how to do this and that and pretty much telling me that it was like the offline version as far as needs, etc.. I am still grateful to him, otherwise there is no telling how long I would have wondered around outside looking like an idiot. This was the only property that I visited for the first week of game play. :: whispers :: I really didn't know how to go anywhere else. Well, that is my first day of TSO in a nutshell. Please note: To protect the innocent (me) I have left out other embarrassing details and conversations.

Now, on to some of the things that I miss.

Tapping out gnomes AND earning skill at the same time.

Playing code for hours dressed up in costumes, laughing so hard that I've almost fallen out of my chair. :: sheds a tear for code ::

Tip jars and the people that knew what they were for.

Saving and working, sometimes for days, to buy things at full price from the catalog because we had no stores.

Going out and just having fun.

Doing things like clearing a whole buffet because it was funny.

Elevators. Nobody uses them much anymore and they were so much fun, especially if you trapped someone in one.

Doing nothing. Just sitting around in the hot tub (or whatever) and just talking, nobody being AFK. Back then you'd actually learn something about the person behind the Sim.

Making up weird games and playing them.

There is a lot more that I miss, but I think this enough for now.
Kristi - forum moderator

I always long for the old days to come back, no matter what it has been.

My first day on TSO. Well at first I was very shocked I even got a beta disc for it, so I was very excited to install and play. I made a sim in Alphaville and logged on. CCBoy (cheetachatboy, who was from the sims chat) was on before me, so I went to the lot he created and was making money by telemarketing. I got bored and went over to SM Village, which was created by admins from the sims chat. I saw Milk (Mike) and died. He was in his jammies and it was just nuts. I died at Fran too. All the while I had an IM up to Indog telling him the juicy details, since he didnít have it yet, and he was dying too. Later on I saw Dave, who was a monkey, and then he disappeared.

Once Indog got on TSO we made a lot and changed it all the time. I think that initially I wanted the lot to be like a Wal-Mart and name it something along the lines of that. ĖDies- But Club Lag was what it became, and it was too funness. Especially the potty rooms. We had couches in there, along with tip jars and signs above them saying to tip if you liked the couch. There was also classical music being played in them. I loved the meditation pool and saved up for one, and put it in there too. Like Lady said, making money was VERY difficult and was the reason for many people taking leave from TSO. Code, Pizza, and Maze were the three ways to make money, along with individual money making things, though with the group money making objects you were able to make the most.

There was also a code chart, which was a cheating mechanism (or helping device, as others would like it to be called) for proples who wanted to make money fast. Maze wasn't as popular as Code and Pizza. We usually dressed up for it too. Yau for pizza fairies. TSO was also hard on people because of lag issues. One time when I had been playing pizza I was so lagged that people's bubbles showed up properly, but the environment was so laggy and everything was frozen. Euw. Club Lag was literal.

When I heard the phrase, "I need to green" or something similar to it, I first heard it from Lass, so I had thought she had come up with it. But I realized she didnít and was like hey thatís a pretty cool way to say you need to improve your mood. So I jumped on the bandwagon. Anyway, Indog and I frequently visited SM Village and eventually moved in, leaving Club Lag behind. Since then, yesh. Lots of funness bugs were left behind. Flying couches were so fun. So was static clothing. You could take a bath, swim, get in the hot tub, and still have your clothes on. And when you left a lot you turned green rather than transparent. OH my GOSH. Before the friending system, you only had to exchange red balloons with someone in order to be their friend. Mafis popped them all. Skilling was SO slow, and there wasn't even a 115% skill rate invented. You were stuck with 99%. Skill locks weren't there either, so skill decay was really bad too, along with a max of 10.99 for each skill. Yuck.

Writing this up Iíve realized that there have been so many things added to The Sims Online since I first started playing. Change is a very important thing, especially if you want something to be better than it was. I do miss playing TSO in the early days though. Everyone was new to the game; no one knew what to do or how to do it. We were all in the same boat. It was a lot of fun back then, but I am also having fun with the game now with its improvements! I feel that TSO will be much, much better in the future with everyoneís input and ideas. Donít think that you canít suggest something because it wonít get in the game.

From the very start of my playing days, I wanted to be able to change my chat text color because I was upset that I kept getting green. Eventually they put that in and I was absolutely thrilled. Even though it was years after I started playing the game, it was great to see that feature available. You might suggest something for them to put in the game; it might just take a while for them to do it!

Right now Iím happy that I was able to participate in the Beta of TSO, play with my long-time friends, and make a few more. Those are some awesome memories. It would be awesome if a lot more people played for that reason rather than to try and obtain so many ďraresĒ and so much ďmoney.Ē Some of the lots back in the early days were very original. One lot I remember was a maze. The ENTIRE lot was made into a maze and it was so cool. If more people could use their creativity skills (rather than just the ones in game) and make lots like that it would rock. We need to also make a store that looks like an actual store rather than just plopping stuff around. Wow, this is turning into a rant.

Anyway, thatís about all I have to say. Stay simming everyone! This is a great game because YOU make it one. So continue to play and letís have another awesome 1000 days!!! xD