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The First 1000 Days - Major Additions
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Major Additions

A lot has changed in The Sims Online over the past 1000 days. Many new features have been added to the game, some large, some small. However, each and every one has contributed to the TSO world you see today. Some of the more notable updates are listed here.

  • Chat History
  • Property Categories (and property category rules/benefits)
  • Pets (and pet accessories)
  • Secure Trading
  • Skill Locks (including the improvement of making them variable)
  • Property Move
  • Sim Move
  • Job Tracks (including the Robot Factory, Restaurant, and Nightclub)
  • Stores
  • Neighborhoods
  • IM Improvements (including colored participant names and errors)
  • Casinos (including slot machiens and roulette tables)
  • Death (and accompanying interactions)

Chat History

  • Full Refunds (for accidental purchases)
  • Service NPC's (including the maid, gardener, and repairman)
  • The "Where Am I?" Button
  • Build Mode Permissions
  • Clothing Racks
  • Accessory Racks
  • Crafting (including craftable items and salvaging)
  • Skill Cap Upgrade (The new max is now 20.99, instead of 10.99)
  • Betaville (along with Free Will)
  • Dragon's Cove (along with Hardcore tuning)
  • Dresser Upgrades (in conjunction with clothing and accessory racks)


  • The Band Job Object
  • Spotlights
  • Rare/Holiday/Reward Objects
  • The Overwork Penalty (to cut down on third-party program cheating)
  • New wallpapers and floor tiles
  • New objects (including bathroom items, build mode items, lighting, the lovebed, lovetub, McDonald's stands, and Intel laptop)
  • Relationship System Improvements (including friendship web upgrades and the addition of lifetime and daily relationship scores)
  • Friendship Web Comments
  • The Limited Edition War Game
  • Sim Achievement Bonuses (such as Nicest, Best Karma, Most Infamous)
  • Property Achievement Bonuses (for the most visitor hours)
  • Chat Color Selection (and new chat colors)

Chat Colors

  • Hide and Seek
  • Cash Registers (for an additional method of trading)
  • Pests (roaches and mice)
  • Skill Speed Upgrade (maximum speed raise from 99% to 118%)
  • Additional Interactions (with skill upgrades, death, and Thanksgiving)
  • Property Name and Visitor Count (located at the top of the screen)
  • The "Dance to the Music" Button and Dance Accessories (such as glowbands for techno music and leis for beach music)
  • Time-Out Default on Interactions (as opposed to the previous auto-accept default)
  • Person Panel Icon Upgrades (colors added to reflect friends, enemies, NPC's, and pets)
  • Tip Jar Owner Display
  • Budget Window Upgrades (in conjunction with Service NPC's and Job Tracks)
  • New default pajamas and swimsuits

Green Sim Exiting Property

  • The ability to wear pajamas and swimsuits when going to other properties
  • Using single or mismatched teleporters causes skin removal
  • Sims leaving the property appear transparent (as opposed to the original solid green color)
  • Scroll Wheel Zooming
  • Last Visited Property Icon (the purple square with a Sim in city view)
  • Synchronized Sim Time
  • Roads (in conjunction with carpools for Job Tracks)
  • Redesigned TSO Font to allow for Japanese characters
  • Temporary theft prevention on single-person money objects