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There are 5 other different kinds of pets in the game. Like cats and dogs these pets need special care as well. All need to be fed and cleaned on a regular basis to survive. If your caged pet does happen to pass away, you do not need to buy the cage again, simply restock the pet.

Iguana Junglarium

Hailing from a small island in the Galapagos, this rare iguana bears a remarkable resemblance to its much more common central American cousin, save for a dark patch under its chin. It's no wonder why iguanas are such popular pets: they feed almost entirely on iguana gruel, and move almost never and, most importantly, look really cool.

Fun: +4
Room: +4

Classic Gold Fish Bowl

Goldfish have been considered the training ground for pet ownership since time began. This is pet care at it's most stripped down, but do not be fooled by the fish's small size. Goldfish require consistant attention so that they do not choke on algee-laden, oxygen-depleted water, resulting in the well known belly up position. Be careful with your fish, or it could be the kid's first experience with a death in the family.

Fun: +1
Room: +1

Timid Turtle Action Playset

While many myths abound that rediation will turn these friendly little housemates into pizza eating ninjas or city toppling titans, the reality is they make great pets. Herpetologist and amateur poet Skip LeTourneau recommends, "Rub their heads and keep them fed, a nice warm stone and pond to roam will make these turtles feel at home."

Fun: +2
Room: +2

Speaky Scarlet

Rumored to have once belonged to the wretched pirate queen Mad Mary McArthur, this parrot is highly trainable and loveable. Parrots are excellent listeners and speakers, so a happy parrot is one talked to frequently. While a cat in the house will put most birds in peril, with Macaws, the concern is more often for the feline that the bird.

Comfort: +1
Fun: +2
Skill Gained:

Mr. Beau

Mr. Beau was once a near permanent fixture aboard the shoulder of Captain Hedman, the meanest Captain to ever run a soup kitchen. Each cocatoo we sell is a direct decendant of Mr. Beau. You'll find that a giant cockatoo is one of the most social birds on the planet. He requires almost constant attention, and will let you know if he's not getting enough. If you feed him and spend a lot of time with him, the reward is a lifelong buddy who will keep your company for years to come.

Comfort: +1
Fun: +2
Skill Gained: