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If you crave fast paced action and the threat of death looming over your head sounds wonderful, then the robot factory just may be the job for you. The robot factory job track is a fun way to spend time with friends and earn a few extra Simoleons and logic skill points on the side.

You can get the robot factory job two different ways. The first is by using the "Look for Job" option on the newspaper that is delivered by the paper girl each day, or by using the nearest computer to "Look for Job". There are 4 jobs all together, and not every one is displayed in the paper or computer each Sim day. Try using both methods several times to get the robot factory job. If you are still unable to find the job using both methods, you may have to wait until the next Sim day.

Robot Factory Job Found

Your typical work day will last from 9:00am to just after 5:00pm with four "rounds" during your shift. Each round lasts for 10 minutes, with a one minute break inbetween. A car will be sent to your lot just after 8:00am and will automatically queue the go to work interaction. If you missed the car, you can use any phone to call a taxi to pick you up and take you to work. It's best to arrive at work with five green bars so start greening up around 6:00am.

Don't Leave Early

When you arrive at the factory make sure you enter the building before the shift starts. If you don't you will have to wait until the next round (10 minutes) and you don't get paid or gain skill points for standing outside the building.

Shift Walkthrough

The first thing you will want to do after arriving at the factory is to find the number one machine. To do this follow the yellow arrows on the track backwards, and alternately going the correct way to the end will give you the last (number eight) machine. Next familiarize yourself with the location of the tool racks. This will help out later on with any repairs that are needed.

Tool Station

Next it is best to decide who will run which machines. Bob has #1 and #2, Sally has #7, you have #3 and #4, and so on. Another popular method is to choose one Sim with high mechanical skill to do only repairs. Make sure this is okay with everyone first or some people may get confused. For safety, be sure all machines have a Sim assigned to them so two Sims don't attempt to activate the same machine. This can result in someone standing on the track, and may lead to death.

When the round begins, everyone starting from machine number one activates their machine before the robot passes through. As the robot passes through each machine more parts are added until it becomes complete after leaving machine number eight. After leaving machine number eight the completed robot is sucked down a hole in the floor and is added to your total robot count. It is very important to pay attention to what is happening ahead of you on the production line while activating your machine. If the person ahead of you has a broken down machine and a robot is already inside of it, the robot you just sent through will become stuck behind it and will explode after 10-15 seconds killing anyone standing beside it. It is best to stop production while a machine is broken so no one gets hurt. Loosing a few robots is not worth having a co-worker end up dead. If your Sim happens to be killed it will be removed from the building and placed outside. You will not get credit for that shift even if there are only a few seconds left so be CAREFUL!

When a machine breaks down you will be given the "Diagnose" option when you click on it. High logic skill really helps out with the time it takes to diagnose, especially in later levels.
Diagnose Broken Stations

After you have diagnosed the problem you will be told what tool you need to repair the machine. Click on the correct tool cabinet to retrieve the tool. When you have the tool click on the broken machine and choose "Repair". This is where having a high mechanical skill comes in handy, as you will repair the machine faster. Remember, time is money!
In the higher robot factory levels, machines will require a combination of tools to repair the machines. Machines will sometimes even lie about what tools it needs to be repaired with and will ask you for a 2nd or 3rd tool after you have already repaired it once.

A word of advice, take a moment to look at your hand when you retrieve a tool. You may find yourself holding a fish instead of a wrench, and a fish will do you no good when trying to repair a machine.

End of Round

At the end of each shift a box will popup telling you how many robots you have completed and how much money you have made. Another box may pop up at this time telling you that you were promoted to the next level. At the end of a work day you will get an additional pop up telling you what you need to improve on to be promoted. This could either be friends, skill or overall mood (green). During the intermission or 'coffee break' you can do things to help keep your Sim green, back cracks, hustle dances, flying hugs, etc...

Promotion Requirements

If you receive a message that you have been demoted, it is likely your Sim no longer meets the requirements to work at the current level. This could be a lack of required skill points, or friendships. It is best to use your available skill locks to lock the required skill for the job at 10.00, or the highest level it is at so you will not be caught off guard by skill decay. For friendships, make sure to keep in touch with all your friends frequently, just a little bit of daily interaction will top off your lifetime relationship score.

Once demoted, you will loose the number of shifts you have worked towards your next promotion and be placed back in the level below your previous one. There is no need to worry too much though, because to get promoted back to where you were all you have to do is meet the requirements and work one round at your current level.


Here are a few tips we have created using our experience when working in the robot factory:
  • Remember, RIGHT hand RIGHT tool. A fish will always be held in the left hand.
  • It only takes one robot per shift for the round to count towards your total shift count for promotion.
  • One way, when working alone, to avoid a pile up or blow up is to fill the machines and activate them in reverse order this way there is always an empty machine for your robot to go.
  • Don't activate a machine too soon or it will deactivate it's self causing you to make an extra trip.
  • Once you get into the higher levels machines will fib, it may say it needs one tool but you find out after you repair it that it needs two others.
  • The ignore button is there for a reason, if a person shows up and does nothing or if someone is there causing problems, use it. This makes it so that you will never have to work with them again.