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The night is young and it's time to party! If you are ready to thrown down some booty shakin', floor rasin' in your face beats then the DJ at a local night club is the job for you. The DJ job track is a fun way to spend time with friends and earn a few extra Simoleons and creativity skill points on the side.

You can get this fast paced, night owl job one of two ways. The first is by using the "Look for Job" option on the newspaper that is delivered by the paper girl each day, or by using the nearest computer to "Look for Job". There are 4 jobs all together, and not every one is displayed in the paper or computer each Sim day. Try using both methods several times to get the DJ job. If you are still unable to find the job using both methods, you may have to wait until the next Sim day. You'll be a superstar before you know it!

DJ Job offer

Your typical work day will last from 8:00pm to just after 4:00am with seven "rounds" during your shift. Each round lasts for 5 minutes, with a one minute break inbetween. A car will be sent to your lot just after 7:00pm and will automatically queue the go to work interaction. If you missed the car, you can use any phone to call a taxi to pick you up and take you to work. It's best to arrive at work with five green bars so start greening up around 5:00pm.

Dance Floor

As with all jobs make sure when you arrive you make it in the door before the shift starts, otherwise the bouncers (M.O.M.I.) will lock the doors and you'll be stuck outside in the cold until the next round (5 minutes). Bsides not being any fun you won't make any money or gain any skill points if you are stuck outside.

Shift Walkthrough

After you arrive you'll need to pick a DJ booth, there are 4 different ones colored red, blue, green and yellow. Select your booth by clicking on it and choosing "Spin records" from the pie menu. When you choose that your Sim will step up to the booth and your menu will appear with the following: DRUMS, BASS, SYNTH, VOX. These are lettered A - D and two columns numbered 1 - 4.

Your job is to pick the correct sequence of numbers and letters so that it produces a beat that attracts NPCs to your side of the dance floor and keeps them there. Remember, you are in competition with the other 3 DJs, so keep it fresh by mixing it up. (FYI: Rounds where you don't attract NPCs don't count as credit for promotion.)

During the round keep an eye on the dance floor. There are several patterns to watch for that will indicate your progress.
  • A wave of your station color at the top or bottom of the floor indicates you are further away from the correct sequence.
  • A line sweep of your station color across the floor indicates you are getting closer to the correct sequence.
  • An arrow in the color of your station will move across the floor for each correct instrument sequence you get.

DJ Interface

So what works best? Well there really is no set method to success because the beats the NPC's will start dancing to are different each round. Just watch closely to see how the dancers react to what you are doing. If no one is attracted to your current mix, change the mix until they start to move your way. When you have found the right beat that draws the crounds over to you, make small changes to keep your mix fresh.

When the shift is over a dialog box will pop up telling you how much money you have earned in the round. The payout varies depending on how well you did at attracting NPC's during the round, so always remember to watch the dancers and what beats tickle their fancies. Another box may pop up at this time telling you that you were promoted to the next level. At the end of a work day you will get an additional pop up telling you what you need to improve on to be promoted. This could either be friends, skill, or your overall mood (green). During the intermission or 'coffee break' you can do things to help keep your Sim green, back cracks, hustle dances, flying hugs, etc...

If you receive a message that you have been demoted, it is likely your Sim no longer meets the requirements to work at the current level. This could be a lack of required skill points, or friendships. It is best to use your available skill locks to lock the required skill for the job at 10.00, or the highest level it is at so you will not be caught off guard by skill decay. For friendships, make sure to keep in touch with all your friends frequently, just a little bit of daily interaction will top off your lifetime relationship score.

Once demoted, you will loose the number of shifts you have worked towards your next promotion and be placed back in the level below your previous one. There is no need to worry too much though, because to get promoted back to where you were all you have to do is meet the requirements and work one round at your current level.


Here are a few tips we have created using our experience when working in the Nightclub as a Dancer:
  • Once you find a good beat stick with it, if you leave the same crowd attracting sequence playing the NPCs will drift back and forth to you the entire round.
  • The same letters across the menu seems to attract more of a crowd. This can change though as NPCs are picky creatures.
  • Find what works for you and stick with it.
  • The floor, pay attention to the floor! Every so often a strip of color will either go horizontally or diagonally across the floor, this is your clue as to who is a hit with the crowd at that moment, so zoom in on your buddy and see what kind of beat he is playing and try to repeat it. Watch for special patterns. For example, if you see an arrow scrolling towards your team, that means to keep doing what you're doing.
  • Pair up with a good dancer. The better you work together and most importantly please the crowd the better your payout will be.

Floor Hints