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The Tomb Hunters of the Lost Llama, or better known as Maze, is a group skill object that requires two players to work together to navigate through a labyrinth maze before the timer runs out. You can only use the maze on a lot in the skills or welcome category. Communication is the most important strategy for being successful with reaching the goal.

Skills Earned
Charisma Logic

Positions & Playing

Clicking on a free maze table will bring up a pie menu giving you the option to choose which position you would like to play (Charisma or Logic).

Once you get into position the maze panel will appear at the bottom of your screen. Depending on which position you are playing, one of two panels will appear. For the logic player a map appears, and for the charisma player, a navigation box.

The objective of the maze game is for the logic player to give the charisma player a number of directions that will guide them through a maze before the five minute timer runs out. The trick here is the charisma player cannot see what the map looks like, so they have to solely rely on the logic player for directions.

Charisma Player

Charisma Panel

Charisma players will see a navigation box with a square in the middle, and four arrows. North, East, South, and West. The box can be four differet colors (Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue), or no color (Greyish Blue) at all. You may also see a white line on one or many of the edges of the square. These are walls inside the maze.

As the charisma player it is your job to inform the logic player exactly what you see in your navigation box. Leaving out any detail can throw off the logic player and you will become lost in the maze. In the charisma player view above, you can see that we are at a green colored square with a wall to the East. This is what you will want to tell the logic player. Most teams come up with abbreviations to use instead of typing that long sentence out. Using our example, it can be abbreviated to Green E.

Logic Player

Logic Panel

Logic players will see a grid which contains many different colored squares (Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue) and Walls (Black Lines). The logic player will also see one blue square with an X on it which designates the exit of the maze.

As the logic player it is your job to locate the charisma players position on the grid using the information given to you by them. Once you find out their initial location, direct the charisma player through the grid towards the X by telling them which direction and how many spaces they should move. It is best to do a reality check every few moves to make sure you and the charisma player are on track. Ask the charisma player what they see, and if they see the same as what you see you are on the right track.

You should plan your route to the X using the least amount of moves possible. The more moves the charisma player has to make, the more likely you will run out of time before completing the maze. Each maze you recieve is random, so some may be shorter than others.

Round Walkthrough

We are now going to walk through a short maze showing both the logic and charisma player sides. Remember when playing you are blind as to what the other player is seeing, communication is key in completing a maze.

First the charisma player will explain to the logic player what they see. Here we see a yellow square with walls to the North, East and West.
The logic player will then scan through the maze to find a matching situation.
Note: If there are two identical situations the logic player will ask the charisma player to move one square in any available direction to determine the location.
Once the logic player has determined the charisma players location, they will map out a path to the maze exit, indicated by a blue X.
The logic player will then give the charisma player a set of directions to the maze exit. In this case, the player will move South 1, West 2, North 3, East 2. We can use abbreviations to make typing easier and tell the player S1, W2, N3, E2 instead.
The charisma player follows the directions carefully, and makes the moves given to them. Once the exit is reached, the bonus skill points will be awarded.

Maze Completion

Earning Skills

When using the maze group skill object, players will earn skill points at a skill speed identical to solo skill objects. Skill speed is shared between group and solo objects, so the more Sims who are studying the same skill, the higher the speed will be.

Completing a maze successfully will give players a skill bonus of 0.02 points on top of the base skill level. Even if the maze is not completed successfully, players will still earn at least as much skill points as if they were using a solo skill object.

The huge advantage group skill objects provide over solo skill objects is the speed you can earn points at higher skill levels. The higher your skill points, the longer they take to increase. Typically earning 0.02 skill points at level 10 will take over 15 minutes. With group skill objects it can take under five minutes.