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News Archives for November 2018
Tuesday November 13, 2018
Version beta/update-72/72b in Sunrise Crater

  • Fixed issue where Chat Opacity would set to 0 with cultures that used `,` as a decimal separator.
  • Fixed embarassing issue with monogame that was causing resource disposes to linearly iterate every resource in the game, tanking performance. (mostly on wall cutaways, build tools) On Sparkling's lot, framerate while mousing over walls increases from 3 to about 50 in 3d for me. Best part is I didn't even notice for half a year.
    • Note: 2D walls cutaway are still pretty slow until they are rewritten, but nowhere near as bad
  • Properly implement "Must-Run" flag for interactions. Now you can't cancel:
    • The "trapped" interaction
    • Being kicked out of a property or by a roommate
    • Dying of starvation or drowning
    • Probably some other important stuff, mostly in Simitone
  • Traps now fully reset their state when the lot restarts, just in case they break.
  • Added a cool new object by BrandonSJ96
  • Connections to the login API are now forced on HTTPS.
  • Added sanity check for floating point variables in the settings.
  • Fixed a crash when zooming in too close while loading a lot in 3D mode.
  • Added MSAA support tracking, to disable MSAA features for cards that do not support it.
  • 2D Mode: Fixed mouse position when zooming in on all build mode tools.
  • 2D Mode: Added MSAA for sim graphics if Antialias is enabled from the graphics options. (if this slows your game down, disable it for the old look)
  • Fix an exception skeletons would encounter trying to flip some lights.
Update 72b:
  • Force fullspeed animations everywhere
  • Fix possible object exception when using Learn To Use
  • Fix issue where relationships to dead objects would carry over to new ones obtaining the same ID. (fixes vendors sometimes being stuck closed, or other weird things happening)
  • Speed up "current thread" check a bit.
  • Speed up PNG/BMP image loading significantly. Fix loading error with some PNGs that caused a large pause when loading.
  • Forces a slightly larger chunk of objects to be processed before attempting to render a city view frame during loading. Still could be improved with multithreaded decoding and mipmap gen.
Posted by: Matt