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Sunday February 26, 2017
Version content/update-12 in Sunrise Crater

A quick fix was released for the game.

  • ALT+ENTER works to enter Fullscreen mode.
  • Laptops no longer disappear

As always, if you need to manually update the game use the link here.
Posted by: TheMarshmallowBear
Sunday February 26, 2017
Version content/update-11 in Sunrise Crater

Another day, another update!

This patch sees the return of Door Permissions, allowing you to lock doors, charge for them, or set numerical codes to enter through. It also implements Volume Controls so you can finally mute music and the game without using the Windows Mixer!

It also fixes a number of other bugs and glitches optimizing the game even more.

The patch notes are as follows.
  • Implement Volume Controls (via options menu)
  • Implement Door Permissions EOD (permissions, code, fee)
  • Optimise smooth zoom.
  • Actually purge old entries from Lot Visits table
  • Optimise monetary transactions slightly
  • Right control and shift keys work across the board (unified modifiers)
  • Drag-to-resize windowed mode. Maximise and windows snap-to-side also work.
  • Backend work for dynamic resizing
  • Server url in debug options
  • Fix Binding crash (on logout)
  • Fix restaurant plates stacking out of world, in such a way that they created an infinite stack
  • Stop any stackable objects creating infinite stacks in general

If your update fails, manually update by downloading and extracting

If you're getting the exception when starting the game after this update, replace the config file in /FreeSO/Content with this one and remove any shortcut properties you've added related to resolution.
Posted by: TheMarshmallowBear
Friday February 24, 2017
Version content/update-10 in Sunrise Crater

A new update was rolled out earlier today. This fixes a number of bugs relating stability of the game, lots and servers.

  • Delete out of world objects as part of cleanup stage (stops 1400 plates getting stuck out-of-world in big lots)
  • Fix memory leak (server can now stay on for longer than 12 hours lol)
  • All existing EODs now close correctly on lot leave and interaction cancel (looking at you, clothes rack)
  • If routing fails 3 times on a job lot due to another sim, that sim just loses collision for the duration of their route. Makes restaurant bearable.
  • Deleting an object held by a sim causes them and the object they are using to be reset. (Restaurant and TS1 fix)
  • Maid ignores objects that are Out-Of-World

If you encounter any issues with the update, try manually downloading it from and extracting it over your FreeSO files. An updater fix is still pending to stop this from happening.
Posted by: TheMarshmallowBear
Wednesday February 22, 2017
Job Contest!

Want to impress your friends by winning a rare object? Get a job!

Players have until 11:59 PM UTC on March 5th to get a job at the Robot Factory or Restaurant and be promoted to level 7 to win one of the following prizes:

Restaurant Waiters: A Cannon
Factory Technicians : Ten Conveyor Belt Pieces

Contest Prizes

You better get to work now, because time is running out! Don't forget to check out our Robot Factory and Restaurant guides for tips and tricks on being successful. Also, keep your eye on our job countdown clock to the right so you are never late for a shift!

Want to check out the prizes? Visit Home of Rewards in Sunrise Crater.
Posted by: Matt
Wednesday February 15, 2017
Version content/update-9 in Sunrise Crater

A new update is about to roll out.

This is the first balance pass and it focuses on payouts from jobs and money objects.

Game balance is being changed to better correlate the effort put into making money with the amount of money you will receive. For example, while staying at home playing pizza is still viable, going to another lot and dedicating 10 minutes to a round of interaction filled gameplay constitutes more work and must receive a higher pay. They're also pretty fun, and the low pay is deterring people from playing them.

Here's the basic philosophy for balancing:
All Jobs > All Group Objs > All Solo Objs

  • Robot Factory:
    • Money per robot has been gradually scaled by roughly 2.5x.
    • from 10/15/20/25/25/30/30/35/40/45/50
    • to 30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100/110/120/130
  • Restaurant:
    • Base money per meal was increased three times.
    • from 10/20/30
    • to 30/60/90
  • Pizzamaker:
    • Base Pizza Payout has been generally lowered and rescaled.
      • from 60 for small, 120 for medium and 170 for large,
      • to 50 for small, 85 for medium and 150 for large.
    • Bonus Pizza Payout was rescaled down by about half.
      • from 120 for small, 240 for medium, 380 for large,
      • to 100 for small, 170 for medium, and 350 for large,
        Skill Bonus Factor was reduced from 20 down to 15 (with a max skill bonus being 300).
Posted by: TheMarshmallowBear
Tuesday February 14, 2017
Version content/update-8 in Sunrise Crater

A new update has rolled out. This one focuses mostly on behind the scenes fixes.
  • SimAntics exception dialogs limited to 16 stack frames (fix blue
    screen from pool exception, bug itself still to be fixed)
  • Fix lot not being buildable on first join or after move
  • Handle move putting objects out of bounds correctly
  • All dataservice bindings now released when relogging sims. (fix some lag, property filters duplication)
  • Lot Load fail no longer attempts to empty your lot, it just crashes and boots you.
  • Cleaned up lot clear mode
Posted by: TheMarshmallowBear
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