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Sunday February 18, 2018
First Annual FreeSO Awards Ceremony

Voting has now closed for the First Annual FreeSO Awards and the people have spoken!

Awards were given out during a ceremony on Sunday, February 18 in Sunrise Crater Town Hall. Congratulations to all the winners!

Player Awards
Brittney - Master Skiller
Teardrop - Best Roommate
Mythic Rose - Most Serenades
Simown - Most Artistic Sim
Victoriana - Number One Freeloader
Joseth - Biggest Party Animal
Hillary Benson - Most Iconic
Alonzo - Most Jams Award
Die - Tomb Stone Generator
Shug - Online 24/7
Curtis E Bear - Best Bear Award
Maria Cormane - Best Hostess
Alonzo - Heartbed Abuser
Amy Johnson - Most Sassy
Marie - Style Maniac
Spooky - Richest Award
Granny Mabel - Best Granny
Draven - Most Compulsive Gambler

Lot Awards
Sparkling's Estate - Best Service Lot
Frederick's Guest House - Best Residence Lot
Vergille's Monster Disco - Best Entertainment Lot
Pappy's Triple C Plus - Best Skill Lot
Paprika's Old Town Stores - Best Shopping Lot
Grigor's Sweet - Best Romance Lot
Jones's Hedge Maze - Best Offbeat Lot
Lucy Nicolas's Little Garden - Best Welcome Lot
Synamin's Majestic Money Garden - Best Money Lot
MonotoneTim's Substandard Hotel - Best Games Lot
Sparkling's Estate - Best Designed Lot
Posted by: Matt
Saturday February 17, 2018
Version beta/update-64b & c in Sunrise Crater

Some quick fixes for the Nightclub Job and Blackjack EOD are in this update. A brand new decorative object is also available for purchase.
  • Leapfrog now behaves the same as PushTailContinuation (fixes interaction order)
  • FSOPushHead is now separate from TTAB flags
  • Roof cull order fixed in 2D
  • Fixed play sound object crash when sound could not be found
  • Fix roulette PushInteraction
  • Fixes restaurant
  • Fix bug where users would register twice when joining a job lot (the second time would count as a join over capacity)
  • Fix unowned objects having transactions randomly fail
  • Night Club
    • Changed rating base pay from $1 per 20s per 10% over 50% to $1 per 20s per 10% over 0%
    • Fixed skill bonus pay (up to 3* pay at max body or creativity)
    • Tweaked dance hint frequency to allow more time for dancers to move about the floor
    • Fixed a race condition where sims would leave a plugin interaction randomly if a child interaction was queued on the exact same frame as idle's rerun.
  • Fixes to get TS1 visit generator behaving
  • LivePanel: EOD Panel Backgrounds block input (TheArchitect)
  • Lots of fixes for blackjack (TheArchitect)
  • New decorative MOMI logo is available in the decorative catalog (S1ndle)
Posted by: Matt
Sunday February 11, 2018
Version beta/update-64 in Sunrise Crater

Sunrise Crater is celebrating its first anniversary and the entire city is invited to the party! Join players at the brand new community lot, Sunrise Crater City Hall. This special lot, which allows for a much larger than normal visitor count, serves as a gathering place for parties and special events. Of course, City Hall is also home to all the fun bureaucracy you would expect to find at a fine public institution such as this.

A brand new game update is dancing its way into Sunrise Crater. We are betting you will enjoy all the new features and bug fixes included in it.
  • The nightclub job is now available. Four complex plugins driving the gameplay and a whole new play strategy built around finding the right patterns.
  • Blackjack object is now available, thanks to The Architect and Raeven for creating this complex EOD completely from scratch!
  • Volcanic now has a sound browser.
  • Volcanic can now generate, export and import BMP thumbnails for objects.
  • Added (late) anniversary object.
  • Added NPC caretaker for community lots, by Raeven.
  • Admin API for obtaining lot data from server, and uploading *.fsof.
  • NPCs at job lots now have no collision. (they will still try to avoid standing in the same physical position)
  • Fix a problem where some 3D meshes would regenerate even if they were already generated.
  • Roof textures now use mipmaps.
  • Sims will now avoid standing in a position another sim is at or is going to.
  • Job matchmaker improvements:
    • Users cannot join a job lot with someone who has ignored them, or vice versa.
    • When the above situation is met coming from a taxi, the lot with the ignored user will be skipped in the search. (likely creating a separate job lot).
    • Matchmaker now knows when avatars leave a job lot - they are freed up to connect to another (possibly higher level), and people coming from taxis can join the instance they left.
    • Matchmaker can now put people together on the same lot group (eg. level 9-10 diner, or 7-10 nightclub), but with different levels.
    • Max working players on a lot is now a hard limit, even when joining via follow. (excluding admins)
  • Bugfixes:
    • HIT sound improvements. Dishwasher sound no longer loops, some sounds now loop correctly. Sounds with interrupts or attribute based indexing now work.
    • Preparing a meal no longer destroys all interactions queued (Push Interaction fix for "prepare" action on food).
    • Fixes Issues #94, #91, #65. (idle animations, moonwalk, text box crash, chat focus)
  • Other:
    • Lot Facade Generation
    • Objects can now be untradable/unsellable.
    • Interactions that you have unlocked now show with yellow text, instead of being followed by ;1.
    • Number keys change speed in sandbox instead of numpad.

Blackjack Update

Posted by: Matt
Sunday February 11, 2018
First Annual FreeSO Awards

Yes, It's official — The first Annual Freeso Awards (AFA) ceremony will be taking place on Sunday, February the 18th.

There are 35 unique awards to be given out, each accompanied with an exclusive Rhysie Trophy so you can proudly display your distinguished efforts.

The awards are split into three categories:
  • Players - (awards for outlandish personalities of the FreeSO players)
  • Lots - (awards for outstanding builds and designs in Sunrise Crater)
  • Special (awards for specific milestones, achievements, or distinctions).

In order to win, you must be nominated for a specific award. You can nominate/vote for other players on this page here.
Just click anywhere on the page to choose an award, then type someone's in-game (Sim) name and they will receive your vote.

Choose wisely, as you can only vote for one person per award.
If you are unsure what an award is for, this page has descriptions of each award.

So what are you waiting for? Gather up your Sim-friends and tell them to get voting for you!

Posted by: Matt
Sunday January 21, 2018
Game Guide Updates

We have been busy updating more of our game guides to be reflective of some of the recent changes in FreeSO.

Starting with our Casino Objects guide which now includes details on the two new slot machines recently added to the game, as well as the changes to how the cash in/out process and minimum balance is managed for slot machines and the roulette table.

The Property Categories guide has been updated to show which categories allow you to overfill your motives and by how much. A new section on Skill Gameplay Mode has been added, which details how to manage this feature and the effects it has on owners, roommates and visitors.

Our short lived Lighting Color Guide has returned with updated information on how to change the color lights emit on your lot as well as how to disable auto on/off.

Finally, the Buy Mode Objects catalog has been updated with the new slot machines and decorative items (Poster & Taxis).

Stay tuned, there is more to come!
Posted by: Matt
Sunday January 21, 2018
Version beta/update-64 in Sunrise Crater

Some changes and improvements have been made to the object repair system today:
  • Avatars now recover object wear during repair based on their mechanical and logic skill. Up to 50% at 20 mechanical. At zero logic you recover a random range of 25-50% wear and at 10 logic or above you recover a fixed 50% when you have maxed mechanical.
  • Repair cost restored to original percentage of value (double of what it was now) since repairs will happen less frequently with wear recovery.
  • Repairman is now automatic - but will only recover 10% object wear.
  • To make up for this taking less of the user's time, repair cost is now 100 per hour rather than 50.
  • Fixed server/client freezing issue, and animation caching bug causing desyncs.
  • Gardener now waters plants below 85% water rather than 75% water.
Posted by: Matt
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