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Sunday February 10, 2019
Version beta/update-72h in Sunrise Crater

Update 72h is here! With this update, the snowstorms have finally let up. This update includes changes by members of the community. The updates Rhys has been working on will come in Update 73.
  • Grass and Sand are no longer replaced with snow. Weather is temporarily disabled. (rhys)
  • Visitors can now repair the Moderate fridge (dotequals)
  • The sim in the pie menu is a little different, now they look at the button you are hovering! (lazy duchess)
  • Some bugs have been fixed with the gingerbread station, and the spoil time has been increased. (miha)
  • Small backend stuff for the AFAs, piffs can now safely add OBJDs without causing lot loading oddities. (rhys)
  • [Volcanic] Generate XML entries for the catalog, copy GUID from object page, hex edit for unknown primitives (dotequals)
  • [Volcanic] Make empty and help links now work in remesh editor. (rhys)
New Remeshes! Download and extract the latest remesh package from this forum post into your /FreeSO/Content folder:

Includes a remesh for the new object by S1ndle, the backdrop and party light by Dica, and the theatre chair that can be found in Town Hall by AOG.

That's not all... an all new object is in the catalog. Can anyone afford it? No? It's there anyways! If you're literally rolling in it, you can pick up the limousine for §1,000,000. Yes, really. Yes, it's just decorative (for now?)
Posted by: Matt
Thursday December 13, 2018
Christmas Events in Sunrise Crater

Christmas events have arrived in Sunrise Crater! See below for a special message from game developer Rhys and a public health alert from the Mountaintop DADDI & MOMI Hospital System.

Merry Christmas everyone! You've noticed the snowstorms, but you probably haven't noticed the Christmas Tree in your inventory! Place it on your lot to celebrate!

Each day you'll be able to open a present from the tree - since it isn't close to christmas yet you'll be getting a variant of a "common" present, but in the 6 days leading up to christmas you'll get some rare objects you can't get anywhere else!

"But my tree only starts with 2 presents!" you say. Well, rumor has it that your tree has a designated delivery man who comes every night, really likes cookies and doesn't like to be seen by other sims, because he's ashamed of his facial hair or something. Your tree can hold up to 4 presents, though even if it's full he's likely to show up for the cookies anyways. You can find cookies in the "miscellaneous" section of the catalog.

I'd recommend setting out some cookies next to a fireplace (preferably off... but that won't stop him) and letting him do his job in peace. Christmas is effort enough without all these early deliveries to worry about!


On Tuesday morning, the Mountaintop DADDI & MOMI Hospital System (MDMHS) issued a public health alert:

For reasons unknown, an epidemic of "the giggles" has been aggressively moving through the communities of Santa's elves, rendering them all but paralyzed with laughter in a time when they are accustomed to keeping those tiny little noses to the grindstones for the final 11th hour push to finish their gifts before Christmas day. MDMHS is working around the clock to monitor the symptoms and attempt to provide remedy to the unknown ailment as soon as possible. These include holding one's breath, thinking about something sad, drinking a giant glass of water, and so forth. We will provide further information as we progress toward a cure—or at least any success toward curbing the symptoms.

In a rare public statement, Governor Burglar Cop has responded to the halt of Christmas gift creation, and issued a plea to the citizens of Sunrise Crater:
"We need every able citizen and nimble pair of hands to get themselves down to the Winter Workshop of Wonders to help with the work stoppage. We must finish the work in time for Santa to deliver the gifts to every household in Sunrise Crater. Drop in regularly to receive the new shipments of materials and build, build, build! I will not go down in history as the first governor of Sunrise Crater to have failed Santa Claus!!"

When asked about the growing pressure he's received as of late to break each neighborhood into its own governing body, led by locally elected mayors, Governor Cop responded with "tf" and left the press conference.
Posted by: Matt
Tuesday November 13, 2018
Version beta/update-72/72b in Sunrise Crater

  • Fixed issue where Chat Opacity would set to 0 with cultures that used `,` as a decimal separator.
  • Fixed embarassing issue with monogame that was causing resource disposes to linearly iterate every resource in the game, tanking performance. (mostly on wall cutaways, build tools) On Sparkling's lot, framerate while mousing over walls increases from 3 to about 50 in 3d for me. Best part is I didn't even notice for half a year.
    • Note: 2D walls cutaway are still pretty slow until they are rewritten, but nowhere near as bad
  • Properly implement "Must-Run" flag for interactions. Now you can't cancel:
    • The "trapped" interaction
    • Being kicked out of a property or by a roommate
    • Dying of starvation or drowning
    • Probably some other important stuff, mostly in Simitone
  • Traps now fully reset their state when the lot restarts, just in case they break.
  • Added a cool new object by BrandonSJ96
  • Connections to the login API are now forced on HTTPS.
  • Added sanity check for floating point variables in the settings.
  • Fixed a crash when zooming in too close while loading a lot in 3D mode.
  • Added MSAA support tracking, to disable MSAA features for cards that do not support it.
  • 2D Mode: Fixed mouse position when zooming in on all build mode tools.
  • 2D Mode: Added MSAA for sim graphics if Antialias is enabled from the graphics options. (if this slows your game down, disable it for the old look)
  • Fix an exception skeletons would encounter trying to flip some lights.
Update 72b:
  • Force fullspeed animations everywhere
  • Fix possible object exception when using Learn To Use
  • Fix issue where relationships to dead objects would carry over to new ones obtaining the same ID. (fixes vendors sometimes being stuck closed, or other weird things happening)
  • Speed up "current thread" check a bit.
  • Speed up PNG/BMP image loading significantly. Fix loading error with some PNGs that caused a large pause when loading.
  • Forces a slightly larger chunk of objects to be processed before attempting to render a city view frame during loading. Still could be improved with multithreaded decoding and mipmap gen.
Posted by: Matt
Friday October 26, 2018
Halloween Event

Following on from the disappearance of Bella, Mortimer Goth decided to sell the family home and relocate with his remaining household to another city, in what was a grief-stricken attempt to leave their painful past behind. After exchanging hands numerous times, the old mansion ended up in the possession of a traveling circus.

Over time numerous attractions popped up and the grounds became a hive of activity. That was until one day, when the gates did not open... for reasons unknown. Disheartened visitors turned a blind eye and the police asked no questions and thus soon enough the area was forgotten about. The Sunrise Crater council ordered the crumbling buildings to be demolished and the land sold, so warning signs were placed to dissuade any members of the public from looting what remained.

However, during the weeks leading up to Halloween, rumors have begun to circulate. Lights within the building have been seen flickering on and off, music is traveling through the air and screams can be heard from behind the abandoned walls. Curious sims, willing to risk breaking in for a quick buck, have been seen entering... but nobody has heard from them since.

But the question remains, what happened to the carnival and why is the building coming back to life? Who really knows, but perhaps there really is something inside worth dying for.

Keep an eye out for the opening of "The Forgotten Circus" lot on Friday, October 16 at 5pm EST (located on Mountaintop near the Sunrise Crater Town Hall)
Posted by: Matt
Friday October 26, 2018
Version beta/update-71x in Sunrise Crater

This update fixes a few bugs and adds some quality of life improvements to Discord rich presence and the property chat window.
  • Fixed DisableAvatarCollision special tuning variable.
  • Clientside fix for statues changing value randomly.
  • The "skeleton" outfit has been temporarily added to the costume trunk.
  • ExtraTall EOD height added. (a huge panel rather than a 2 panel sandwich)
  • Fixed a crash bug with Maze.
  • New features thanks to AstroPsynapse:
    • Discord Rich Presence now respects your ingame privacy setting
      • Added info about the Sim you are playing as.
      • Job info now includes the nightclub.
      • Can now show what screen you are in (login, SAS, CAS, sandbox)
    • Extra chat config: you can now set the chat's opacity and show timestamps
    • Chat history now remembers the text size, window size and position it was at last between runs of FreeSO
    • Right click scrolling onto a person button on live mode no longer randomly centers that sim. (you must right click it)
    • TSO can now be found in a local directory if you want to make a portable installation. (./The Sims Online/TSOClient/)
Posted by: Matt
Monday October 8, 2018
Version beta/update-71b-f in Sunrise Crater

This update is mostly aimed at fixing serious issues introduced by the last few versions, but adds a lot of new objects and a new 3D mode feature.
  • Added 15 new objects to the catalog! More fixed up objects from Raeven, given the descriptions you suggested.
  • Fixed a few typos and bugs with previously added objects.
  • The repairman bug (infinite loop) is now fixed for HoldemCasino tables
  • Pushing a hand on which a player doubled down now returns the doubled bet amount, rather than just the original bet amount
  • Change splash screen to halloween one.
  • Fix a fatal crash caused by in-game music.
  • Fix a fatal crash on the newspaper graph tab (for older GPUs)
  • Fix a tuning crash when the en-US culture had been modified by the user.
  • Fix an exception that would show when launching the game multiple times by accident.
Backported from WIP version:
  • Improved drawing order for objects in 3D mode
  • Revamped mouse-ground hit detection to work more reliably for complex terrain.
  • Added MASK_DEPTH and MASK_DEPTH_PORTAL special render types to remeshed objects
Update 71c:
  • Fix crash importing some models with DEPTH_MASK_PORTAL. (volcanic)
  • Allow 32 concurrent connections when downloading thumbnails and facades in city view, rather than like 2. (much faster lot thumbnail downloads - you'll notice the difference is that they actually work)
  • DEPTH_MASK_PORTAL: Calculate bounding box from everything except the portal mesh.
  • Optimised and fixed some object scripts.
  • Fix a graphical issue with the new DEPTH_MASK variants that caused them to peek thru walls when anti aliasing is disabled. (the normal backbuffer didn't have a stencil component)
  • Lot tuning can now be dynamically changed by admins.
  • Expose some more data and engine functionality to SimAntics.
  • Revert a change to Blackjack and Holdem that may have forced client disconnections.
  • Server now logs client disconnections caused by message handling errors. (for debugging the above)
  • Fix casino end table's pick up tree (so it doesn't duplicate newspapers and other stuff, thanks raeven!)
Update 71d:
  • All awnings from the catalog now work. Awnings are placed against walls and join up to each other as they are placed.
  • Do not Duplicate mode implemented for Create Object Instance.
  • Return Immediately mode now performs a subroutine call, rather than an interaction. Please report any issues you encounter with person to person interactions.
  • Fixed an issue where objects like the Pinata would cancel the money over head when resetting an avatar's headline.
  • Fixed Roulette and Blackjack tables deleting sims after they finished managing the table, booting them from the lot.
  • Various improvements and fixes to the engine (and volcanic) to support more complex object behaviours.
  • All awnings now use the counter fix when generating 3d meshes.
  • Some halloween balloons (by S1ndle!) have been added to the catalog, to get you into the... spirit.
Update 71e:
  • Fix Do not Duplicate when putting objects in avatar's hands (fridges, restaurant)
Update 71f:
  • Fix RadianDirection -> Direction conversion for objects (It is no longer Leg Day at the robot factory.)

Posted by: Matt
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