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There are 3 objects that will lower your Sims bladder score.
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Friday June 16, 2017
Version beta/update-36 in Sunrise Crater

The update today brings us the initial implementation of global interactions, and a bunch of bug fixes:
  • The salvage global interaction is now available on all objects. Salvage can be used to obtain the components needed to craft certain objects.
  • Unify ActiveQueueBlock system for AllowPush and RunImmediately
    interactions. Fixes TS1 and "running man" bug caused by enqueuing sim2sim interactions in the split second no interactions were present on the queue.
  • Fix loading (very) old fsov files.
  • You can now remove undeletable objects from sale (dead plants).
  • VM now knows when an object is for sale.
  • Fix Expanded Double Tall EODs.
  • Fix crash with no lights or rooms present.
  • Fix 2 Sim object socials (cuddle, play in bed) not working on some lots.
  • Fixed TSO sandbox mode and added dialog for selecting sandbox.
  • Fix restaurant chef entering an infinite loop because the screen wasn't ready for them to take an order yet.
  • Fix more issues with the new invalidating UI setup.
Posted by: Matt
Sunday May 14, 2017
Version beta/update-34 in Sunrise Crater

Things™ Update

The moment has finally arrived! This latest game update includes a number of re-implemented objects and features, a bunch of bug fixes, and a whole new lighting and shadow system.

Advanced Lighting and Shadows
The game is looking even more amazing than before thanks to an entirely new lighting and shadow system. All light sources will now emit a glow and cause objects nearby to cast shadows. Also look for shadows during the day as the sun moves over the sky, changing the position of the shadows.

Graphics Options
A few game options have been added to help those experiencing slow performance on older machines. You can now disable FreeSO Lighting, City Shadows and turn off the display of surrounding lots. Click on Options mode then Graphics Options to access these settings.

Relationship Web
The relationship web has been completely re-imagined! No longer do you have to wait for a humongous, mostly useless web to open. All your relationships can be viewed in a simple list format and easily sorted by Friends, Enemies, Almost-Friends, Almost-Enemies and Roommates. You can even search for a particular Sim in the list using the search tool.

Friendship Web
The New Friendship Web

The Architect continues to work away on implementing more plugins (a special interface that many of the objects made specifically for TSO use). This update brings us:
Other Features / Bug Fixes
In addition to the main additions above, here are some other features and bug fixes you can find:
  • Money you earn from or spend on objects now appears above your head
  • Owners can set the name of their clothing racks
  • Room score will now calculate properly outside
  • Server administrators now have a MOMI badge on their Sim thumbnail
  • Roomates can now join lots that are full
  • Pizza payout has been slightly improved
  • Inactive Sims will now be disconnected after 15 minutes (with a 5 minute warning which can be dismissed)
  • Various other lag and object issues have been addressed

Posted by: Matt
Monday May 1, 2017
Things Are Coming 5.15.17

Things are coming™ on May 15, 2017...
Posted by: TheArchitect
Sunday April 23, 2017
Lets Get It Started

We are happy to announce the addition of a brand new guide that will help new and returning players get started in the world of The Sims Online and FreeSO. Our Getting Strated Guide covers everything you will need to know, from installing the game all the way to buying objects for your newly purchased property.

Be sure to give it a read if you are new and just starting out, or are returning and need a little refresher on how things work. Enjoy!
Posted by: Matt
Friday April 14, 2017
Version beta/update-31 in Sunrise Crater

Great news everyone! The costume trunk EOD has been implemented by The Architect. Your Sims now have access to over 200 different types of outfits. Take a look at our costume trunk catalog to preview all costume trunks and outfits available.

Costume Trunks
Costume Trunks are Here!
Posted by: Matt
Thursday April 13, 2017
Version beta/update-30 in Sunrise Crater

The update tonight includes some fixes to the slot machines, as well as fixes for some other minor bugs.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented non-English clients from playing $5 and $10 machines.
  • Increased the maximum balances of all slot machine types.
  • Fixed exception in CAS and forced head and body pages to refresh when switching from female to male.
  • Customers can no longer edit the rack name or prices on store clothing racks in their UI.
Posted by: Matt
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