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The Sims Online originally launched in December of 2002.
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Tuesday August 8, 2017
Version beta/update-45 & 46 in Sunrise Crater

In version 45:
  • Fixed disconnect that happened when accessing city lot state when a lot was going online or offline
  • Fixed lots getting stuck when I/O takes too long
  • Shutdown stuck lots to immediately free all avatars and the lot
  • Add VM abort mode which tries to kill check tree loops as quickly as possible

In version 46:
  • Fix city data service never adding anything to the lot collection
  • Fix chat bubble's old assumption about text height
  • Attempt to reintroduce TTS avoiding linking
  • Re-enable cursors
  • Attempt optimization for city view spritebatch
  • Mina bug should now close faulty connection, rather than spiraling out of control and crashing the server
  • Fix relationship dialog crashing in roommates mode when you aren't part of a house
  • Fix log typos
Posted by: Matt
Sunday July 23, 2017
Version beta/update-44 in Sunrise Crater

There are a few fixes in this update:
  • Fix crippling lag caused by unleashed or dirty objects. (mostly affected store lots)
  • Fix "expected events" misbehaving when running animations backwards. (dresser animation)
  • Fix OOW controller objects list not being respected.
Posted by: Matt
Thursday July 20, 2017
Version beta/update-43 in Sunrise Crater

This update lets you retire any Sims you no longer want to play, and fixes a bunch of issues related to moving out of properties.
  • Re-enabled and fixed returning non-roommate objects to their inventories
  • Implemented opening a property just to cycle database actions, eg. roommate object send back.
  • Implemented Sim Retire. Even works when a lot is open - all of the objects for the removed avatar will be deleted from the lot, just as if they moved out.
  • Implemented lot deletion. When the last avatar leaves a lot, its owner becomes null. The next time this lot opens, it is deleted from DB and NFS.
  • You can no longer buy a lot when you are the owner of a lot. You must first move out of your existing lot.
  • Lot move out has centralized functionality to stop weird data service bugs.
  • Center Sim now considers terrain height.
  • Quitting to Select-A-Sim now attempts to re-obtain avatar data. If it fails, you are sent back to the login screen.
Posted by: Matt
Wednesday July 19, 2017
Version beta/update-42 in Sunrise Crater

In this update, we have a bunch of quick fixes:
  • Fixes Direct X crash when joining lots with water tiles
  • Fixes error handling for CAS - specifically when the name you are trying to use is taken
  • Fixes error handling for Buy/Move lot, and adds strings for each failure condition. The game is now more careful about what dialog it displays to you.
  • Trying to change your category while your lot is open or the time has not yet elapsed will now display an error message.
  • Any ducks given to users will now belong to the owner of that lot. This is because inventory send back will be re-enabled for non-roommate objects in a future update.
Posted by: Matt
Monday July 17, 2017
Version beta/update-41 in Sunrise Crater

A quick fix has been made for the following bugs:
  • Use paint icon for grass tool
  • Render terrain in thumbnail (and tiles again)
  • Terrain tools enabled
  • Terrain now resets after failed terrain tool change
  • Fix papergirl dropping papers off of the lot
  • Hide sims on floors above the one being viewed again
  • Do slope allowed check on all 5 floors, not just first
  • Fix crash and unpredictable behavior with grass primitives on Intel HD
  • Fix awry terrain height interpolation on very edge of lot
  • NPC's can now walk on sloped terrain
Posted by: Matt
Monday July 17, 2017
Version beta/update-40 in Sunrise Crater

It has been awhile since the last update, but with this latest one we see the introduction of a feature that was never present in the original TSO... Terrain Tools!

Now you can shape the terrain on your lot to create a huge mountain, a steep cliff or even a crater filled with water. When you purchase a new lot, the terrain will match the larger city map.

Terrain Tools
Terrain Tools

The grass tool has also been re-implemented, allowing you to change the grass state from green to brown. Additional features also allow you to place floor tiles and foliage on sloped terrain.

Because this update was pushed out early in response to fix server crashes, some minor display bugs have been introduced such as artifacts in water/pool rendering, diagonal tiles, and missing corners in pools. You may also find it hard to click on terrain that is high enough to cover other terrain in the background.

Rhys has also been working on support for The Sims 1 engine, which will eventually allow players to play The Sims 1 on mobile devices. All of the improvements made to the FreeSO engine will be reflected in The Sims 1, such as the new lighting, high frame rates, 5 floors and powerful modding tools.

Read more about it on the FreeSo Blog.
Posted by: Matt
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