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FreeSO - A reimplementation of The Sims Online™

FreeSO is a reimplementation of The Sims Online™ game engine. The client is currently in a pre-alpha state and many features, including a central server, have not yet been implemented. Those interested in playing during the pre-alpha stage can join servers hosted by other players. Use the links below to learn more about the project and to start playing. Stay tuned to for more updates.

Test Center
Vote for Test Center!

Vote for the First FreeSO City - Final Round

It is now time to vote for the first FreeSO city! After two elimination rounds, the final choices are Blazing Falls and Test Center. Head on over to the FreeSO forums to see how the two cities look, and the proposed redesigns. Once you have picked your favorite, cast your vote!

Of course, all of us here at TSO Mania will be voting for our home, Test Center. We suggest you do too. Wink

Latest News
Thursday July 31, 2008
DONE! Wait, still verifying....

Almost six years ago now, I stepped off into a brave new world called The Sims Online not knowing what to expect or accomplish. Within a few minutes of playing that quickly changed as I began to realize I was taking part in the beginnings of something very special. Now almost six years later, I could have never anticipated the number of friendships I have made, the number of extremely awesome people I have met, and the accomplishment of helping create a successful website. The community attached to The Sims Online has been one of the closest knit communities I have ever been a part of, and I can't believe it is coming to an end.

As The Sims Online draws to a close so does my time here as the webmaster of The Sims Online Mania. Unfortunately fan sites need a game to support their existence, and with the closing of The Sims Online we are loosing that vital part. As much as it hurts me to see this site go, it will hurt me even more to see it fall into a state of abandonment.

Huge and heart-felt thanks go out to the entire community for embracing our site and supporting our efforts since we opened our doors in March of 2004. I know this has been said many times, but we would not be doing this if it was not for our dedicated supporters. What the site has become is a direct result of you, our visitors. It has been an absolute pleasure to work on. Once again, thank you.

Equally huge and heart-felt thanks go out to the two people who spent hours upon hours alongside me playing the game and creating content for this site. Without the help of Indigo and Lady, over half the content on this site would not exist. It has been great fun collaborating with you guys, I hold all the moments we have shared close to me and hope we can do it all over again in the near future.

So when will we disappear into internet oblivion? We haven't entirely decided yet.

Will you see us again, making a fan site for another game? We haven't decided, but we would love to work together on another project. Keep an eye out, because if anything does happen well announce it here.


Posted by: Matt
Thursday July 31, 2008
Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!

It's hard to believe that it was almost six years ago that I took my first act as a Sim: To land at a money lot, jump in a bunk bed, and say something. I wanted to see if I could talk in my sleep. My mission was a complete success, and from that point forward, there was no stopping me.

Nearly six years after that, there is no way I could have anticipated all the friends I would meet, the adventures we would have, the bugs we would uncover, and the mischief we would cause. From beginning to end, The Sims Online has been a blast, and it is sad and unfortunate that it is drawing to a close. I will miss playing Code, stacking plates, and sync dancing, and I will miss seeing both fresh and familiar faces landing on the lot, itching for some fun and conversation. Still, part of me can't help but smile as many remaining and returning players put aside money, skill points, and visitor hours in favor of partying with friends. It is reminiscent of the good times we had in the Beta days when we knew a data wipe was on its way. It's great to see so many people making the most of the game's last days and looking to the future, rather than dwelling on mistakes or shortcomings of the past.

I am honored to be a part of such an awesome community, and as a member of the TSO Mania team, it has been an equally great honor serving the community. We've said it time and time again, but you, the TSO community, truly are the reason this website was a success. We have loved providing you guys with game guides, factoids, and fun things to play with, and your wants, needs, and input have always helped to shape our service. And of course, I can't give enough praise to the other members of the TSO Mania team. You guys are such great workers, great friends, and great people, and together, we are one superb squadron of Simmies. Thank you so much for everything.

TSO Mania may be closing its doors soon, but the people behind it won't be disappearing into thin air. It's not yet clear what we'll be doing in the future, but we will be around, and all of you will know it. The next time you hear someone shooting your lawn flamingo with a cannon, it just may be us. You can never be too sure.

I wish you all happy Simming during the game's last days, and good fun with friends wherever the road takes you. (My guess is McDingus' Restaurant. That seems to be where all the roads out of TSO take you. One haggis, please!)


Posted by: Indigo
Thursday July 31, 2008
So long, thanks for the fish!

TSO/EA Land Mania was a late night idea drummed up by myself and Indi during one of the "Matt is offline what can we do" nights. This night we didn't spend mass amounts of money on looking for the elusive Afghan Hound or spend a zillion and one simoleans on high priced items just to bust them up and see what we'd get. Hehe, such memories there! This night we were answering questions and after awhile we were thinking "Why not start a fan site?". With excitement building we waited on Matt to wake up the next morning and pitched our idea to him, after all Matt is the brains and grounding stone of our group and he knows all the nifty code you see throughout the website. The rest as they say is history.

Its been an amazing ride and I have so many memories tied to this game and the people I've met. I count myself lucky to have met Indi, one of the brightest and funniest people I know. Indi has made me laugh when I've been too depressed to eat, kept me up laughing all hours of the morning and who can forget his and Kristi's own language? Harsen you two and lots of "lurve"! Matt.. Well, its hard to put my feelings for my Matty into words. He's my best friend and the one in this world who knows me better than I do my own self, he holds "The Book of Lady(tm)" and a very big piece of my heart, the yen to my yang and all that good stuff. I am a better person because of you Matty and I count myself lucky to have met you in real life and to have you in another game with me. I loves you.

I am greatful to EA for bringing a truly great group of people into my life and it saddens me to see it all ending. This site has been such a work of love, Matt has done an amazing job keeping up with everything and adding content when there wasn't much happening in game. I'll do my best though to drag him into creating another website for another game or something different, his talents will not go to waste, even if its a shrine to Lady and Lady-ism. On a serious note, this has all been for you, our loyal fans and friends, you are all a great bunch of people and we hope to see you outside of this site and the game. Perhaps, for those that play, you can look up Matt, Indi or myself on EverQuest II.

Until nex time..
"Lady" Gisselle

Posted by: Lady
Saturday May 31, 2008
Subscription Billing Refunds

Refunds - Coming Sooner!
It seems that many people are still being charged a subscription fee each month. Your account should not be getting billed for the rest of the game's duration. This is a mistake, and you are entitled to your money back. Here is what you can do to be reimbursed and to (hopefully) prevent future billings.

Contact EA Customer Support using the appropriate phone number and tell them about the problem:

Inside the United States and Canada: 1-866-543-5435
Outside the United States and Canada: 650-628-4306

Alternatively, you can contact Parizad with your login name and the date you were charged, and she will work to rectify the situation. You can reach her here:

From Parizad:
"Oh no, some of you are still being charged the subscription! If you are one of these people, shoot me an e-mail with your login name and the date you were charged at"

After being reimbursed, you can remove your EA Games billing information by managing your account at the EA website here. This should eliminate any accidental future billings. Only do this if you do not have any other EA Games subscriptions besides EA-Land.
Posted by: Indigo
Sunday May 18, 2008
Happy 2,000 Days, Founders!

Party like you're 1,999!
Remember when the only way you could have a shaman revive you was if the lot was entirely empty? Or how about when watching the fish tank gave you an instant fun boost? Did you work with friends for weeks to buy a 25,000 sign, only to endure wave after wave of erased-sign bugs? And if so, did you just keep right on going?

If that's the case, then you might just be 2,000 days old today.

From all of us here at EA-Land Mania, we would like to wish all you "vintage" players a happy anniversary and many more wonderful memories, both in EA-Land and wherever you find yourselves in the future.

Congratulations, Founders, and happy gaming everyone!

--The EA-Land Mania Team (who don't look a day over 900!)
Posted by: Indigo
Friday May 16, 2008
ATM Refunds

ATM Refunds Begin
Those players who had spent money on the ATM machines for simoleons before the closure of EA-Land was announced will soon receive the money back in their paypal account. If you have not received the your refund yet, you should in the next few days.

This will not affect the simoleons you currently own inside the game. For example if you purchased 1000 simoleons on the ATM, those simoleons will not be taken when you are refunded.
Posted by: Matt
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