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Sunday December 17, 2017
Version beta/update-60 in Sunrise Crater

Today brings us some bug fixes, a new graphics options page, DPI scaling to make the user interface larger and some balancing changes for solo money objects.
  • New graphics options page.
  • Weather is toggleable from graphics option page.
  • You can now change the game's DPI scale factor from the Graphics Options. This lets you make the UI bigger if needed.
  • Lights no longer allow visitors to modify them.
  • Lights that are for sale no longer contribute light to a room.
  • Balance changes to solo job objects in prep for dynamic tuning.
    • Max group required for bonus from 16 to 10. This is to encourage money lots to run multiple skills.
    • Max group payout multiplier lowered slightly from 2.5x to 2.2x.
  • Fix motive overfill.
  • Volcanic fixes.
  • Fix ghost objects getting left behind.
  • Cut repair cost in half.
  • Remove smoke cloud objects stuck on lots.
Posted by: Matt
Sunday December 17, 2017
Version beta/update-59 in Sunrise Crater

Merry Christmas!

This latest version brings us a bunch of new features including the introduction of the motive overfill concept, a new custom content slot machine, and a few holiday festivities such as snow, Christmas trees and daily gifts which can be found under the tree.

Don't forget to play every day to receive all of the gifts!

Be sure to read about all details in the developers latest blog post.
Posted by: Matt
Friday November 24, 2017
Version beta/update-56 in Sunrise Crater

This latest version includes a few bug fixes, a brand new $25 slot machine, and basic support for Discord Rich Presence. Be sure to log in and check them out!

  • New $25 slots machine! This beauty is custom content co-created by D.A.D.D.I. Architect, S1ndle and M.O.M.I. Raeven.
  • Some fixes to issues with the slots machine and roulette.
  • Volcanic now no longer draws 3D tab frames when they are inactive.
  • Implement basic support for Discord Rich Presence (you can invite other players to your lot or a job lot via discord).
  • Fix bug where server would repeatedly destroy someone's claim after they disconnected due to some other error.
  • Fix bug where game could crash due to lightrooms becoming a different length from the normal room array.
  • Shader work: standardisation of lighting functions in progress, and additional work for low end hardware.
  • Updated skybox to look less like a washed out mess
  • 3D reconstruction is now async. The game should no longer freeze, though the object will be missing and performance will be degraded while it is generating.
Posted by: Matt
Thursday November 2, 2017
Version beta/update-55a, b & c in Sunrise Crater

Update 55a

  • Add ServerRelease config to build server without IDE hooks
  • Some temporary sanity checking for the SessionClosed handler to stop avatars going offline after they relog
  • Fixed bookmarks list layout
  • Object shadows no longer appear under wall shadows (unless they are much closer to the ground)
  • Fire - innocuous effect will now eventually time out
  • Fixed deserialization of VMNetSetTimeCmd.
  • Coloured lights now correctly blend together.
  • Fixed skeleton dance interaction sometimes crashing the object, and generally not working.

Update 55b


  • Fixed some NPCs from being headless, nameless, or having a different skin colour for their head and body
  • Fixed objects from spawning NPCs underground, or putting player's Sims underground (wardrobe) & pet beds
  • Fixed some NPCs from not properly facing the object that they're stewarding
  • The expensive Dog house no longer improperly decays the needs of the occupying dog
  • Disabled objects no longer accumulate wear or break (for sale, wrong category, object limit)
  • Fixed multitile objects partially breaking
  • When reconnecting, the default daywear outfit for Sims is adorned, rather than the last outfit/costume worn upon disconnection
  • Visitors can no longer change light colors
  • An AMAZING UI was created to set the color of certain lights
  • Sounds now play when an instant message is received, when a message cannot be received due to there already being 3 IM windows, and when a message is received for the first time

Roulette EOD

  • Machine/Table Balance Textfield and UI Alert Deposit/Withdraw Text Entry no longer truncate after 5 characters
  • The new limit to stocking a roulette table is $999999
  • Owner Alert now properly displays the minimum balance needed for a table to open when prompting the owner for their deposit/withdraw amount
  • Tables now properly check that the minimum bet is met before accepting a player's bets. An error is displayed if the player falls short of the minimum bet
  • Roulette plays sounds when a bet is accepted and when a player wins any money
  • "Manage" interaction by owner is now ALWAYS available, which will prevent tables from becoming stuck and requiring the lot to reset. Examples of such interruptions include fires and desyncs
  • Multiple tables can be opened and closed and the NPC properly vanishes upon a table's closing
  • A bug was fixed that allowed the owner to set a maximum bet despite not having enough money in the table to cover it
  • Fixed a rare bug that could crash a lot upon the table closing mid game
  • Players cannot play on a table currently being managed by the owner
  • Roommates cannot open a table currently being managed by the owner

IDE / Volcanic:

  • Fixed TPRP editor to properly save local variables
  • Changes to piff file saving

Update 55c

  • Floating Sims have been fixed
Posted by: Matt
Monday October 30, 2017
Version beta/update-55 in Sunrise Crater

This latest version includes a bunch of new features for players to enjoy! Log in now to check them out. Oh... and Happy Halloween!
  • The Roulette EOD, by The Architect! Beef up your casino lots.
  • Object Depreciation (value, wear) and the Repair State - Some objects can break under 50% wear! The mechanical skill should come in handy.
  • The inbox lets you recieve system/event messages and messages from others.
  • A new event syste, which allows for scheduling object/money giveaways. (and soon, free green + 150% skill)
  • You can now set the color of lights, and make them stay on at all times. (disable auto)
  • Ultra Lighting mode, which adds realistic 3D shadows for objects (outdoors and point light). Use only if you have a good GPU!
  • Job lots are now recorded using a new system. (.fsor)
  • The CAS clothing rack is now available via crafting! No remaking your sim.

Here are all the smaller bug fixes that were put in place:
  • For coloured lighting the base lighting system was overhauled. The lightmap is now (R, G, B, floorShadow) rather than (LightIntensity, OutdoorsIntensity, LightIntensityShad, OutdoorsIntensityShad)
  • Additionally, fixes a bug with AMD hardware where the 4th floor appeared solid black.
  • Volcanic Changes
    • "Push Interaction" and "Run Tree By Name" now have primitive descriptors.
    • Can set Object Type from the OBJD editor. (lets you make NPCs)
  • The server now tries to disconnect clients which have been stuck online. Should reduce connection instability for other users.
  • Many connections to the game server closing at once no longer executes many sql queries at once on a ridiculous number of threads. They are now executed in sequence.
  • Objects can now get the current UTC time on the server. Some objects have been updated accordingly.
  • Fixed a bug with 2D mode where water would have a purple outline at medium and far zoom levels.
  • Fixed a bug with 2D mode where floor textures would erroneously use Anisotropic filtering & mips when it was completely unnecessary, wasting VRAM.
  • Lot Server now attempts to reconnect to city server before dropping all lots. Current time period is 30 seconds.
  • TextEdit now accepts \n and \r\n as linebreak characters. Fixes an issue where it was possible to break alignment in text boxes.
  • UIListBox now truncates string items that are too long with ellipsis...
  • Objects now update their shadows when they move. Objects that move often will not cast shadows. (whacket ball, duck, robot factory)
  • Roofs have real lighting now - respecting the current sunlight direction.

There is a known issue where opening two roulette tables can cause problems. This will be corrected in a future update.

Posted by: Matt
Tuesday September 26, 2017
Version beta/update-54 in Sunrise Crater

This update brings us some improvements to sandbox mode, the ability to resize the property chat window, and some server changes to help with stability.
  • Sandbox mode's online functionality has been re-enabled. Sandbox mode now hosts a single lot server on port 37564, which users can connect to over LAN or the internet, assuming port forwarding has been appropriately set up. Right now all users who connect to your server have admin rights, but in future more managed options will be available (as seen in legacy mode)
  • Sandbox Mode now allows users to design a sim with CAS.
  • You can now resize the chat box with Ctrl + and Ctrl -. Change pushed by @Retzel#7634
  • Fixed some issues on the login screen, when failing to type in your password. Change pushed by @Retzel#7634
  • Allow empty .obj files to be imported in Volcanic.
  • Admin API is now on ASP.NET instead of Nancy. Nancy is no longer running on the server at all - should lessen performance issues with async tasks and make it easier to manage the server.
  • Experimental fix for a bug with async tasks severely degrading server performance on linux. Hopefully this works!
  • You can now save any lot locally with Ctrl-S. This allows you to use it in sandbox mode. (does not copy signs, door passwords, card deck, etc)
Posted by: Matt
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